Saturday, December 02, 2006

She's Home!

She is home! These are some of the nurses and aides who helped to take care of her. There were tears shed by Mom, as well as the staff.

Now, I can honestly tell you that I had no idea what it really was going to entail. My dear friend Pam tried to tell me on several occasions. But I don't think I ever really "got" it. As Pilot used say, "My bad."

I do believe that part of her fear of being left alone, for longer than 7 seconds, is because home is actually a new place for her. It's a new routine, one she isn't used to yet. I'm hoping she will calm down and we will develop our own little schedule.

The big news? She was tired when she got home so we put her in bed for her to take a nap. She slept for about an hour and a half when she called me. I was actually on my way down the hall to her room with some of her clothes. We were unloading the cars (yes, that is plural) of all her "stuff." Imagine my shock, let me say that again, imagine my SHOCK when I find her on the floor!! She had fallen!!! I had not yet unpacked the box which had her bed alarm so it was not on her. I'm sure you can imagine how unglued I became. She hit her head (again) but it really was superficial. Thank the Lord!!!

We didn't even get dinner dishes done until 9:30 tonight and that was not "we" but Jim doing them while I was in trying to keep mom calm and to answer all her questions, the same questions, over and over again.

After about 4 hours home, I was already rethinking this decision. I admit I need more help. I will have full time coverage. Day and night. That way, I can sit and visit with her etc but someone else will be here to sit with her and keep her company, too. I couldn't even unpack and hang up her clothes in her dressing room, which is in full sight of her bed. She wanted me sitting right next to the bed. There is no way I'll be able to cook dinner, or clean a room, GO TO THE BATHROOM, for crying out loud, without having someone else here.

Jim is so concerned about my health, and will allow it to continue for 2 weeks, IF I get more help in. At the end of two weeks we will need to re-evaluate the situation and see if she has calmed down, accepted the 'routine', etc. In one 10 minute time, I had to take her to the bathroom 3 times!! I finally told her that I had just taken her 3 times in less than 10 minutes. She didn't remember that!

I called my sister right before dinner, so that was only about 2 hours into being home. I told her to pray, pray, pray, and pray some more.

I'm going to bed. There's no doubt about it, I'm tired. I've used proper lifting techniques each time but I'm worn out.

May the Lord above reach down and restore my strength. May He grant me a restful night sleep. Most of all, may He provide me with an abundant amount of loving patience to reach out and minister to my mother. Grant me the grace to minister to her with love, compassion, kindness, and care. Thank you, Lord Jesus!!