Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A telephone conversation...

One phone call out of eight phone calls within 1 hour. Ya just hafta love her!

Riiinnnng, riiing, ring

Me: Hello?

Mom: Claire?

Me: Yes, Momma?

Mom: Well, it just occured to me that I am over here at the Air Force Academy in our room and you might not know where I am. I thought I had better call and let you know.

Me: Oh, Momma! I know exactly where you are at all times, sweetheart!

Mom: You do?! Oh I am so glad. I was just afraid you would have problems finding me.

Me: Nope! We'll be there shortly to pick you up, okay? You make sure you lie down and rest so you won't be too tired for our big evening out, okay?

Mom: Yes, I see. So you will be here at what time?

Me: At 5:00.

Mom: Well, okay, but if you can come sooner just do that. Don't worry about anything, Claire. We can just go out to eat.

Me: That's right Mom. We are going out to 5:00. We'll see you then, ok?

Mom: Okay. I'll see you then. You are sure you know how to find me?

Me: Without a doubt, I know how to find you. I love you, Mom.

Mom: I love you. Good-bye.