Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A telephone conversation...

One phone call out of eight phone calls within 1 hour. Ya just hafta love her!

Riiinnnng, riiing, ring

Me: Hello?

Mom: Claire?

Me: Yes, Momma?

Mom: Well, it just occured to me that I am over here at the Air Force Academy in our room and you might not know where I am. I thought I had better call and let you know.

Me: Oh, Momma! I know exactly where you are at all times, sweetheart!

Mom: You do?! Oh I am so glad. I was just afraid you would have problems finding me.

Me: Nope! We'll be there shortly to pick you up, okay? You make sure you lie down and rest so you won't be too tired for our big evening out, okay?

Mom: Yes, I see. So you will be here at what time?

Me: At 5:00.

Mom: Well, okay, but if you can come sooner just do that. Don't worry about anything, Claire. We can just go out to eat.

Me: That's right Mom. We are going out to 5:00. We'll see you then, ok?

Mom: Okay. I'll see you then. You are sure you know how to find me?

Me: Without a doubt, I know how to find you. I love you, Mom.

Mom: I love you. Good-bye.


Pam said...


Words just escape me.

HeyJules said...

Well, Claire, the good thing in all this is that she's thinks she's somewhere that makes her happy, right? At least she's not calling you crying because she thinks she's someplace that she's afraid of.

And I gotta say again - I hope I'm even that aware when I get to be 90!

G~ said...

How precious. :) it reminds me of my mom's mother. us grandkids all called her Mom... just cuz that's what we always called her.

My mom was the one who brought her home after her first and worst strokes and tried to keep her out of a home. But Mom wasn't satisfied. She constantly wanted to go to a place from her childhood that didn't exist anymore. That was why my mom brought Mom to her house b/c she kept leaving her own house and taking off down the road for this long lost place. *sigh*

Anyhow... Mom ended up in a nursing home after several more mini-strokes. She would mix up her words and substitute a words and call you by another name, even tho she seemed to always know who you were. She would laugh at herself and say, "Shoot, I don't know what I'm a-sayin'."

My mom washed her clothes herself, came and fed her and always rubbed her w/lotion, brushed her hair, cleaned her teeth, trimmed all her nails, etc.

And Mom would always say, "You need to rest, Lucy (mom's name is Phyllis) you do too much. Did you eat something? You need to have a nap now. Go on home."

She always worried about Mommy. And Mommy always worried about her.

I think it's wonderful that Nana is happy where she "thinks" she is. That really is a blessing! Mamaw is totally satisfied in the home she's in, even though most all the other residents are seriously immobilized and have lost a lot of mind function.

She just likes to watch people. Nurses, residents, visitors. She can tell you everybody that's come and gone when you go to visit. LOL!

So... she is satisfied and we're all happy. But she's still kinda pouty if you can't stay for over an hour when you stop by. *gah!* ;) Looks like she may get to come home, tho. Her therapy's going well.

Sorry to write a book on your blog, Claire. *blush* You know how I am. So SORRY!

Wishing you, Nana and the rest of yours a wonderful day!