Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A FABULOUS Vacation!!!

A grand time was had by all! Pilot Dad was able to relax, sleep a lot, eat a ton of great food, relax some more, and play with all the kids. Our first morning there we didn't wake up until almost noon!! Once we arrived the stress began melting away. I don't think Pilot Dad was able to fully divest himself of what is ahead of him but he didn't dwell on it nearly as much as if he had been home. And for me, I was able to put it out of mind most of the time. That's because I was so busy sleeping late, eating, holding a month old baby whenever possible, playing with the kids and taking pics!

One day, I went with my brother-in-law, and my niece's husband, and the two youngest boys, Caleb and Jonathan, to see the World War II monument. It was a beautiful day to go; not to hot and not to cold. It was hot enough that two little boys found a delightful way to cool off with the water fountains. ;)

Of course, there was plenty of time at home. There were some scary times as we had to ward off robbers until the good guys could show up to rescue us!

Then there was the princess who had two stalwart knights to protect her!

We enjoyed an afternoon play put on by the neighborhood kids. It was written and directed by one of the young girls who lives on their cul-de-sac. It involved a poor man named Alfredo (played by Nathan) who comes up with a brilliant idea that earns him a check for $1,000,000.00 given by Mr. Moneyrich (played by Luke). Caleb and Jonathan were musicians and Anna, bless her heart, was just along for the ride! :)

(The Cast)

Then Friday arrived! We had been praying, praying, praying that Pilot would land in time to join us. With Air Force precision he landed at 1:30 pm and had his debriefing, then rushed to his apartment to shower and pack, then Sarah, arrived to pick him up for their drive from NC to DC. At 10:00 pm there was a knock on the door and they had arrived, safe and sound!! The next day began a whirlwind of activity which included a mean game of basketball (with some double teaming), games of Cribbage, Pinochole, Balderdash, movie watching (The Rookie) and, of course, watching the Utah Jazz in the play offs.

We even squeezed in time for a belated birthday celcbration and a belated Masters graduation!

Then, as if that wasn't enough, there was Anna to laugh over as she perfected her walking. And there was Grace to coo over as she began to lose her new born look.

So as you can see we managed to pack a lot of fun into our short visit. It was filled with lots of laughter and smiles. And, I have to say, Sarah (Sawah, as Jonathan would say) fit in perfectly. The boys LOVED her and were quite sad that she had to leave with Pilot late Monday afternoon.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Answered prayer....

Thanks for praying everyone! Pilot and Sarah arrived at 10 pm last night! I received a phone call around 3 pm informing me he was back on US soil and within driving distance. Now forgive me but I have some celebrating to engage in for the next few days! :D