Saturday, October 30, 2004

Introduction of "Pilotdad"

If I'm clogging I'm flogging or blogging or what? What is the big deal about this seemingly unending fascination with blogging? This is codename "pilotdad" and I find this idea of expressing your mind on your own website quite interesting. However, I would like for someone to tell me exactly when this became so popular and where exactly it originated? I feel like I have been in the dark ages because I am still barely internet literate. Help comes in many forms and I am looking forward to see who will be the first to come to the aid of "pilotdad". Well, being set in my ways and reluctant to change in some ways, I will forego any pearls of wisdom I would share at this time and resign myself to my caveman mentality.


The Pilot said...

Well Pilotdad, this the Pilot speaking. I to can relate to your interest in understanding when blogging (I think that is the correct term) became popular. However, one thing is for sure, it is here, and it is here to stay. Now, if I may, I would like to direct your attention to another of life’s greatest joys - grammar. I remember a particular time in High School when we had a very lively discussion, to say the least, about my writing style and use of grammar on a particular paper. Clearly my writing style was nowhere near the proficiency that it is today, but as you can clearly see, I have lurnt to write good. Well, I must say it is my turn to return the favor of all the years of you correcting my grammar. When using quotations, the punctuation always go inside the quotation mark. So "pilotdad" would be written as such - "pilotdad." Did you catch the period? I just thought I would be humorous and display for you my wealth of education I have received showing you the money you spent did not go to waste. I love you guys.

Bob & Claire said...

PD, enjoyed your clogged, flogged blog! I have posted my first blog, a book review, on our board just tonight (although I just emailed it in and I think it won't show up for a couple days--technology!) As far as I can tell, Dan invented blogging a few months ago--not quite! Take Care, Love You, Bob

Magvou said...

I don't know you guys, but I too was introduced to blogging from Dan, which in turn has led me to your website. I think Bob is right that Dan invented it, because I didn't know anything about it until he mentioned it and it has opened up a whole new world for me. I feel weird and a little shy about it right now, but I think it will all come as natural as emailing as soon as I start blogging and blabbering along. Maybe Dan should be the one to explain the mystery of the blog to all us novices. BTW (by the way), Pilot, I don't know about the use of that quotation mark being wrong. If you are writing a dialog quote, then I would punctuate it the way you described, but for a quote mark around someone's name, your dad may have been right again. Sorry to say so. But I could be wrong too. It's like the mystery of the blog... who really knows?