Thursday, November 04, 2004


What a blessing that President Bush has been re-elected! For months all we have heard is how divided our country is, what a terrible leader our President has been, and yet when I saw the results it was clear that the things that have been said are not true.

What was so encouraging to me was that moral issues were the number one concern. Yes, there is a cultural divide, and I believe there will always be, mainly because we live in a fallen world.

Also, I was so encouraged to see the number of people who came out to was unprecedented! Encouraging, too, was the number of Christians who became involved. We hear all to often that our country has slid so far down that there doesn't seem to be any point in getting involved..."my vote won't count" or "it won't make any difference" are common. But we saw indisputedly that my vote does count and that we can make a difference! How I pray that will continue!

I am reminded in Daniel that it is the Lord who establishes the rulers of our country (Daniel 5:21). When Clinton was elected I had to continually return to that verse, knowing that somehow, this fit in with God's ultimate plan. We desperately need strong leadership during this time that we are living in and I firmly believe that President Bush can offer that leadership. What a comfort it is to know that he truly seeks the Lord on his knees.

The other encouraging item to emerge was how the states voted on the Marriage Amendment Act, and in some cases, there was a second part that had been added which pertained to civil partnerships. That was the case in Utah and I believe in Ohio. Anyway, all of them passed overwhelmingly! What a strong message that should send to our leaders!

The most important way to secure America's future is through our children. I was reading in Breakpoint yesterday where they talked about the importance of teaching our children to have a biblical worldview. We need to take the time to show them how everything should be filtered through what God's Word has to say. As Christians we have a responsibility to exhibit God's grace and to actively participate in working for the good of our nation. Promoting our families, life for the unborn, sexual purity, these will profit our nation, as well as the world.

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Bob & Claire said...

I used to think somethying like "No matter what people decide about Christ, it won't affect me and my family." Now, to paraphrase a Democrat (D), ironically, while a village can't replace parents vital role, each Christian has the opportunity to positively affect others, and this may be a people way to influence not only the next election, but our society as well. I noticed that I wrote "people" instead of "better" in that last sentence (I'm also talking with Nathan)--however, I'm good with it. I think Pres JFK (D) said "a rising tide lifts all boats". Just as God has been merciful, we, (no, not "we": I) should extend his mercy--with part of the motivation being that it is part of delivering good things to my children