Thursday, November 18, 2004

Love Never Fails

Today was the last day of our ladies Bible study until after the first of the year. It has been an excellent study on becoming a woman who loves. It has covered such things as the Source of love, bearing fruit, the character of love, loving the saints, love in action, fogiving, reconciliation, loving words and Love that never fails. We have ladies from all age groups, from 26 to 88 and from newly saved to very mature in their faith. I love meeting together to study around God's Word, to encourage one another and to lift up one another in prayer. We will begin a new study in January on Nehemiah. That should be an excellent study, too.

Cynthia Heald, the author of our book this time, has such a wonderful way with words. Here is an excerpt from the Author's Reflection at the end of the book.

"Love is the fabric that enfolds the body and provides warmth and comfort. This blanket of love protects against the coldness of the world and insulates from the blustery winds of hate. Its fabric is soft yet strong, and there is great beauty in its many colors and intricate patterns. It is meant to be shared, for in the sharing it covers sin and envelops all who want to know the blessings that it alone can give.

This covering of love is large enough to include all who desire its consolation yet small enough to accommodate each one personally and abundantly. To be enfolded in this blanket is to experience acceptance and healing. It neither binds nor constricts, and amazingly permits those encompassed within its folds to move in freedom.

This blanket of love cannot be bought, but it is freely bestowed by the heavenly Weaver and its durability has stood the test of the ages. It is the one and only blanket that is needed for life. Without it the soul will grow cold and hard, and all that is accomplished will ultimately profit nothing. Wth it the soul will experience the intensity and tenderness of God's love and will ultimately be filled with the fullness of God. This love is the greatest of all virtues: it is tranforming; it is powerful; and it never fails." Becoming a Woman Who Loves by Cynthia Heald

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Bob & Claire said...

Oh, we did that study last year in my lasies' study in Ohio! It WAS a good one--we all liked it. Our leader is a good friend of Cynthia and her husband, and it was neat to hear how she really lives out what she writes about.