Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Owls...

Today found Nana and I participated in the OWLS luncheon. For those uninformed, OWLS stands for Older Wiser Ladies Society. It is a group of elderly ladies who meet for lunch once a month to share in each other's lives and to encourage one another. Now, technically, I don't belong in the OWLS, however, without my going, Nana wouldn't be able to go. Well, she wouldn't feel as comfortable going without me since she is so dependent on having help when she eats.

Each month, whoever has a birthday during that month is honored and celebrated. I think it is important to let our elderly know how much they are appreciated. We should take time to find out their opinions. So often they are either ignored or just "skipped over." That saddens me. My friend, Carolyn, on the most part attends, also, even though she isn't eligible for the OWLS. She, too, has a heart for reaching out to the older women in our church.

We now have several of these older ladies attending our ladies Bible study on Thursday afternoons and they have added richly to our discussions. For us younger women it has been a true treasure, one that is savored by each of us for the wisdom and insight which they provide.

I noticed in the news today the world's oldest man died in New York. He was just 12 days shy of his 114th birthday. In the article it told how he was still living on his own at 103 but also was still shoveling snow off his roof at that age!

He held the Guinness record for the oldest driver. His son commented that at 108 Mr. Hales still found slow drivers annoying! He moved from Maine to New York to be near his son who is now 82! I thought of Nana and what if her mother or father were still living right now! Wow! I think the Lord blessed Mr. Hale with excellent genes!

I know that since we have had Nana living with us it has made Jim and I more sensitive to the elderly around us when we are out. Jim is constantly seeing a older person in need and will go over and help...putting groceries in their trunk, or giving them an arm to step down off the curb etc. They always seem pretty shocked but appreciative. Jim just smiles and leans over close and tells them that his Mother-in-law lives with him and so he has "had plenty of practice and why let all that training just go to waste?" They all laugh and seem much more comfortable then about receiving an extra hand. He's the best!! Some might say I'm biased but I have it from the best authority (Nana) that he is one special guy who treats her like a queen!

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