Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Nicest Thing!

We had the nicest thing happen to us tonight while we were dining at Applebee's. When we first arrived we asked if Sharon was working because she is an outstanding server. She was, so they seated us in her section. After we were done, she went to get our check and when she came back she said that she had talked with the manager of the restaurant and told him what great customers we are, and how often we come in there to eat. Well, the manager paid for our meal, all $27.00 of it!!! How nice is that? Nana could not stop talking about it all the way home! We were all just so suprised and gratified! Sharon said that the servers will sometimes mention about great customers but it is solely up to the manager to decide to do something like that. We all agreed that we will spread good word of mouth advertising for that particular Applebee's!

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Bob & Claire said...

That is absolutely amazing! I've never heard of anything like that happening to anyone! Next time we visit, you'll have to take us there--although when they see the mess on the floor after we're done, they might be sorry! : ) The boys have always loved Applebees; we used to go a lot in Colorado.