Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving Day...

We have had a truly wonderful day filled with friends, family, fun, and FOOD! I do believe we could not have found any more room to put out the serving dishes, let alone have any more room left on our plates for food! It was a fabulous smorgasboard with favorites from each family represented. Larry, Judy and Melisa were there, as well as Jim, Nana and myself, then Bob, Lana, Bodie, Brewster, Broc, and Lana's parents, Evelyn and Jay and their grandson, Trapper. Even though James wasn't here to celebrate it warmed my heart immensely to know that he was having a great time at Monte's!

We began our time together with Bodie reading a selected Bible passage, Psalm 100. After eating dinner we gathered in Lana's living room and each person shared what they were thankful for and how they had seen the Lord work during this year. I was encouraged by Larry's sharing how much he was moved by seeing the Lord answer his prayers this year and how his prayer life had deepened more as he became more dependent on the Lord's leading and direction. He has prayed specifically for a person for a year now and to see that person respond as God works in his life is exhilarating! I probably love the sharing time the most, even better than eating, because it is so exciting to hear how the Lord has worked in each person's life or each family in a unique way, tailored just for them! Then after sharing we once again managed to squeeze in some pie for dessert.

When I am fixing a recipe that is from a friend or family member, or from a friend of a friend, etc., I pray for that person and their family while I make the recipe. So, since my recipes are not original with me I have spent quite a bit of time over the last several days praying for different people as I made my contributions to our Thanksgiving meal. What a privilege it is for me to do that!

I have to tell my niece that everywhere I take her Sweet Potatoe Puff recipe they all want the recipe!! And, it was the same again this year. I should just get in the habit of taking some copies with me. Even people who cannot stand yams, or sweet potatoes, love this recipe. So, hats off Claire to your contibution!

Once again our day for Thanksgiving has come and gone but I pray that we might make each day a Thanksgiving Day! As we go through our day may we be ever cognizant of how the Lord is blessing us and may we be ever ready to raise our praises up to Him!

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