Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Yesterday when I read my niece's blog (http://psalm127.blogspot.com/) I burst out laughing because she "was inspired by her intrepid Aunt Claire!" Both Claires are sadly lacking in the computer gene pool...hmmm, I wonder if it goes with the name? Anyway, Claire had responded to her brother's blog (http://witwcali.blogspot.com/) after he had mentioned his sitemeter. She wanted to know how to put one on her blog. Well, I too, commented that I wanted to know how to do that and whatever he emailed to her he needed to email his dear Aunt. The only problem with all that is he, as Claire so eloquently put it, is Mr. Techno-Stud! He was very faithful to respond to both of us but, I kid you not, it was like reading Chinese!! However, one thing I did understand was to go to the sitemeter website, which I did. After that, it was purely through muddling that I actually managed to get my sitemeter on my blog. Well, technically, I just had the sitemeter people (?) do it for me.

However, there was a problem when I finally managed to actually get it to show up (one has to republish and sign out and sign back in etc). I thought it would look like Dan's with the cool numbers but all mine had was colored lines. So, I began emailing back and forth with my nephew, who at least gave the impression, that he had the patience of Job! He did inform me that I could just go back into my sitemeter account, to the manager, and change anything I wanted. Well, that quite set me back, because I really, truly had no idea how I had actually arrived with my meter in the first place. I did the only logical thing I could do and that was to sleep on it and try the next morning. Lo and behold, when I got up I actually figured it all out and got numbers instead of colored lines! Somewhere along the line I did manage to pick up that my counter was also counting my own hits to my blog and I was able to get it so I didn't count my own. Being so emboldened with my success I immediately emailed my niece to tell her to check out the counter at the bottom of my blog!

In the next blog she wishes she could link the article that she was referencing. Sure enough, in a short while, I had emails from Dan explaining how to link. I faithfully followed his instructions in the first two lines but couldn't find where in my new blog the URL spot was. I looked and looked and looked and finally decided that I needed to sleep on it again. This morning, however, looked no better than late last night.

During a phone conversation this evening with Claire we were bemoaning our lack of understanding and savvy concerning all things computer. Now, she has one up on me because Dan and Melinda are flying to her house for Christmas this year. That means she will have hands on instruction... on site! I'm almost jealous!

I've now finished talking with Claire on the phone and have sat down to think through what I might write about. As I am sitting, staring at my new pristine post waiting for thoughts to come I happen to look at the tool bar under my Title. I am slowly dragging the mouse across each item, from right to left, when the mouse touches this little box that has what looks like a bug (maybe like a catapillar with glasses) in it. Oh my goodness!!!! It says LINK! When I clicked on that, up popped the URL box that was in Dan's instructions last night!! I haven't proceeded any farther than that at this time...one never should rush and overdo these things! I thought I should probably get my new post done and actually get it published...then I could try playing around with the links and following the rest of Dan's instructions.

I can't say that it is just my age that is the "missing" factor in all this because Claire is much younger than I. So for now, I will have to assume that it's all in the name! But, I have high hopes for tomorrow! After all, I will have slept on all this!

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