Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Update on Nana

We received excellent news on Sunday. News that sent our spirits soaring. Mom has not been doing well at all. She hasn't been able to eat. Nothing tastes right to her. She has been experiencing a ton of nausea and overall generally feeling bad. With all the belching she has been experiencing I went and talked with one of the nurses. I asked him if she could be checked for an ulcer. He said he would have blood drawn and see if she had "h pylori" (sp?). I reminded him that not all ulcers are of the bacteria kind. There are those which are caused by acid reflux. So, if the blood work came back negative I wanted to make sure they continued to seek out what was making her so ill.

Sunday morning I went to be with Mom while everyone else went on to church. The results of the blood work was in and she does have H Pylori. This is really great news because it is treatable with an antibiotic! We feel sure once she is over this setback she will begin to improve by leaps and bounds!

Mom still has a long way to go but we are so encouraged after finding out what has been wrong. We are rejoicing!


His Singer said...

What great news! Praying she improves rapidly and can come home soon.

Hang in there, Claire. People care!

HeyJules said...

I'm so glad to hear this! I think about her quite often and wonder how she's progressing.

eija said...

Sometimes just knowing the reason is a huge relief - especially when the problem is treatable, Great that that was the case with your mom :)

John said...

My prayers are with your Mom and your family.

Pilot Mom said...

Thank you for your prayers everyone! They are so appreciated! It is comforting to know that people will go before His throne of grace and uplift our family during this time.

It's been such a relief to have my sister and her husband here. And, of course, it is always fun to have James around with a friend!