Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's done....

I just arrived home, feeding the dog as I came in through the door. A long day and longer still as I have two loads of laundry to do before going to bed tonight. However, Pilot Dad came through the insertion of the feeding tube superbly. He wasn't feeling "superbly" when I left as the morphine had not kicked in. Whatever they used to numb the abdomen began wearing off late this afternoon. That produced cramping in the abdomen area at the point of insertion. Me thinks the body likes to reject foreign objects. ;) Seriously, he was hurting but had managed to eat (by mouth) 1 small bowl of jello, 1 bowl of beef broth, and 1 small carton of apple juice was downed. Tomorrow we will get instructions on how to use it etc. He is glad he is staying overnight since the pain began. The convenience of the nurse just putting the morphine directly into his IV line is wonderful. (And I am not having to do it!) ;)

Thank you for all your prayers. Knowing that people are before His throne of grace on our behalf warms us all over. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Terry said...

Dear Pilot-mom...I just heard the good news from David that the operation went well!
I am so thankful!
Today, as I was thinking of Pilot-dad, I was so hoping that they weren't going to put the feeding tube into his nose.
I am happy that they put it into the abdomen instead, Pilot-mom
I had a dear friend who had it in her nose for years[she was paralyzed] and it was such a discomfort for her.
Well my friend and I worked on the system until they finally put it into her abdomen and that made life so much more tolerable for dear Joyce, until the Lord took her home to heaven.

We are so thankful for the good report Clair and we will now pray for Pilot-dad's comfort and a peaceful rest for you.....Love Terry

Pam said...

This will be so nice as PD will have help keeping nourished.

Prayers and blessings, peace and comfort to you both.


Mama Bear June said...

My son definitely had some soreness the first couple of days. He actually had a j-tube (in the jejunum) removed and g-tube placed in the same surgery so he had a couple of sore places. The good news - he's gained over TEN pounds since then. Just over a month ago. Praying Pilot Dad will have similar wonderful results that will help keep him strong. Praying.