Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Only 4 more treatments left!!!

My prayer partner and I planned on getting together this evening for prayer and dinner. Actually we planned on it yesterday but a friend of ours whose husband is out of town asked to join us for dinner. That was okay because we had already set aside tonight too so we just decided that we would pray later this afternoon over an early dinner.

Again I am reminded to be 'flexible' when making plans. Right before C had called to tell me she was on her way, I received a phone call from an elderly widowed friend who is recently back in town, now to stay. It was her daughter and husband's anniversary today and they were off celebrating. She called to see how Pilot Dad is doing as well as myself. During our conversation she asked if we could go out to dinner tonight. I told her I would call her back and let her know.

Then the phone rang and it was C telling me she was on her way. I explained the situation, how my heart had been moved to include her in our dinner plans. We could still pray etc...So we decided to pray first then pick up S and we thought of another elderly widow, D, to invite. So I called S back and told her that C's husband was out of town too and, what would she think about inviting D along too? She was delighted with the whole idea! Well, it turns out it is going to be her birthday on Friday! So the two 70+ year olds and the 50+ year old women had a delightful dinner this evening.

I have to remind myself to remain flexible to God's leading and direction. I should not be rigid in my scheduling of my day but allow the Lord to direct my steps for His purpose. Two ladies were lifted up and encouraged this evening by the fellowship of two other ladies who were delighted to sit and listen to them share what was on their hearts and minds.

Now, I am off to bed. I do not want to be awakened in the middle of the night like last night. I want to sleep through until it is time to arise and face a new day...truly a gift from the Lord! :D


daisymarie said...

Ah the joy of being where he can lead us...thanks for the very vivid reminder!

passing-thru said...

good post Pilot Mom -
again , real life, real people, REAL CHRISTIANITY

these "cups" of cold water in HIS NAME reaps many more times that we realise

did U read the post Saija had about Ruth Graham -- about the airplane emergency - a good one --

Felisol said...

Dear Pilot Mom,
thank you for taking time to encourage me today, that is its 03.31 in the morning.
You have got very much in common with dear Terry. This huge barn-heart, willing to include everybody.
Sigve was very weak today, we'll follow him closely these days to come, as well as his wife who stads like a pole of steel midst in the tragedy. Only that I have known her for so long, I know how fragile she is. But, you know, God's Grace surpass anything we can ever image.
Big hug to you, Pilot Dad and son
from Felisol