Monday, July 09, 2007

Only SIX more treatments!!!!

A week from tomorrow (Tuesday) will be our last treatment!! If it is possible for 2 over 50 adults who are so tired and slow, we would almost be giddy! ;)

I'm listening to Pilot Dad as he composes a new arrangement of music on the keyboard. He plays by ear and "tries" to learn the notes but he sits and it just flows. The tune he was "composing" is so mellow and restful. Just what I need today.

Besides our heat hovering at 100ยบ F or above we are having to deal with so many fires. The biggest one which has closed our major north/south freeway has now become the largest fire we have ever experienced in our state. So far, it has scorched 300,000 acres. They have had to close our freeway several times since it has jumped the road so often. We are even experiencing the gray haze of smoke in SLC. The last I had heard it was still 0% contained. It has affected us asthma sufferers something terrible. The fire began Friday from a lightening bolt.

All of this reminds me of an illustration I heard a number of years ago about surviving God's wrath. In the olden days when people traveled across our country by wagon they were sometimes confronted by a raging fire. The way they would combat the fire was to burn a large area themselves. Once the area burned is large enough and is doused out the family would go huddle in the center of their burned out area. The fire would burn up to their burned out area and then go around it, not touching the people in the protected already burned area.

Can you envision that same idea with the cross, with the blood from passover? We stand in His blood, claiming it for us, God's rage will pass around/over us since we are protected by His already spilled blood.

Colossians 4:2, "Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it [prayer] with an attitude of thanksgiving..."


Becky said...

I'm so glad for the protection of Christ's blood too. I often try to imagine what it would be like to live outside of the umbrella of his care. It is much safer in here. Thanks be to Him! Keep pressing on...I'm praying for you.

HeyJules said...

Did I know that PD was a piano guy? I don't think so! See, you can learn something new every day.

However, I learned TWO things! The part about burning a fire and then standing in its remains is brilliant. And what an analogy to what Christ did for us. Brilliant, m'dear!

Gayla said...

I'm so glad Pilot Dad is in the home stretch! It takes a lot out of a person. I know Roger's dad is really affected by all the chemo. Course he's a lot older than PD, too. (and sicker)

I can't believe the temp here in Texas is less than it is there. That's a record.

Terry said...

Hi Pilot-mom.
Finally got here to check on you and Pilot-dad.
So nice that the treatments are almost done!

That fire story here reminds me of the story that they used to tell us in Sunday School about a farmer who was walking across his burned wheat field.
He kicked at what he thought was a big lump of dirt and when he did so out from under the lump of "mud" ran a bunch of little chicks.
When the mother hen knew that the fire was coming she gathered her babies together put her wings over then and laid down.
When the fire went over her,and burnt her to death, the babies were all safe.
She took the fire for them and that is exactly what Jesus did for us.
He took the wrath that we deserved!!...Love Terry

PS...Hey Claire...listen to yourself..."A week from tomorrow will be OUR last treatment"!
There you go..

passing-thru said...

YES - CONGRATS ON THE TREATMENTS - what a long road that must have been for both of U ----

I enjoyed the ending of the fire story -- so true -- That Christ became and is our passover and Terry's story on that duck -

There is so much to the "unseen" world, angels , demons -- this "drawing" of our souls to GOD - remember when Elisha prayed that his servant would be able to see the "host" of chariots and horses around them -- The angel of the Lord encampeth around them that fear HIM --

AFGUY said...

Hey pilot mom how are you! Hope everything is going well..justto let you know, im getting Shocker eh! Well write me back, id love to hear from you

David Warren Fisher said...

Claire, my friend:

I continue to stand with you. I'd love to sit with hubby and listen to him play the piano. I, too, play by ear and have composed a number of songs.

Be assured of our prayers.

Lots of love,


LJ Ducharme said...

Stay safe from those fires. We're dry up here, but not that dry yet. God bless.