Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nana 08/20/1917 - 01/29/2001

August 20, 1916 - January 29, 2007

This was taken the day before her 90th birthday, the day before everything happened.

This picture of Nana was taken in the rehab center where she stayed until December 1, 2007.

Here she is back home December 8, 2006.

What can be said? I miss her terribly. Especially when I come in with "big" news. When I found out that my bridal veil was missing from my bride's box I felt such a loss not being able to turn to her and share my sadness.

I rejoice with her that she is out of her physical pain that her frail body endured for so many years. I rejoice that she is walking with her Lord, sitting at His feet like Mary, taking in all He has to share. I rejoice that she is in reunion with family and friends long gone. I rejoice that when I see her next we will both be perfect, just exactly how our Lord originally intended for us to be. Finally, perfect fellowship because God did everything for us. I'm so thankful He desires Relationship!


Anonymous said...

Clairebug, I'm so sorry. I know today is a hard day. May God give you grace.

(But, may I correct you? You've got 2001 as the year, and I know your precious mama died just last January)

LJ Ducharme said...

God Bless our Mom's. My mom would have been 86 on Sunday (27th). I missed her so much on Sunday, and desperately wanted to pick up the phone and hear her voice one more time. It's been 17 months since her passing. Hugs to you today!

Bob & Claire said...

(((Hugs))) Aunt Claire. We talk about Nana alot, often because Nathan calls Anna "Nana (Anna)". I have pictures of each child (except Grace obviously) with Nana in their little scrapbooks, which I am so glad to have. It helps the little boys remember.

What could have happened to your veil? It just never got sealed in the box? You had such a pretty veil!

HeyJules said...

Oh Claire, my thoughts are with you today. If you need something to keep your mind off things I could read another chapter of Genesis...

Love you, sistah.

Pilot Mom said...

Thank you, Ladies! :)

Yep, Claire, it either was displaced away from my dress and no one caught the oversight, or someone took a liking to it and helped themselves because it was so pretty. :( You know, once the box is sealed you don't open it because you just payed all that money to have it protected and sealed...duh! Oh well...as your mom said to me, "Well, where IS Nancy Drew when you need her?" ;)