Friday, February 18, 2005

A Miracle...

I am in awe! Oh yes, I have had an inkling for a little over a year now but it is just now, today, beginning to sink in! It all goes back to when I was 40. That was a very traumatic year for me, health wise, especially my eyes. I had been having some severe problems and had to discontinue wearing my contact lens, which I had worn since my early teens. In the midst of all the problems I was also diagnosed with glaucoma.

Eventually, my doctor retired and I made a switch to a new and younger doctor. He, too, confirmed my glaucoma and kept me on the eye drops that I had been on for years. Because I am diabetic I need to make sure I go in and have my eyes checked every year. About two years ago I was in for my yearly eye exam. The young doctor was taking a very long time, without saying anything, which made me extremely nervous. Finally, I got up enough courage to ask him what he was looking at. He still didn't answer me right away and then he said, "It's more about what I am not looking at." It turns out that he could see no evidence of my glaucoma, glaucoma which he, himself, had confirmed on several yearly visits. Well, I was very skeptical. In my mind, I questioned his credentials. How could this be? So, I made an appointment with another opthamologist and, lo and behold, he told me the same thing. However, he had me continue the drops for several more months and then I went back in to see him, at which time, things still looked great. Hope was beginning to blossom. After my last visit, he said to discontinue the drops and come back in a year. Today was that visit.

He again confirms that there is no evidence of glaucoma and he cannot understand why!! He truly has not ever heard of it reversing itself. Two years now, I am cleared, totally, of my glaucoma!!! I praise God above, who works all things to His Glory!!!

The other exciting item is that I am going back into contacts! Well, I am hoping to return to wearing contacts. After 11 years he is having me try a sample pair to see how I do with them. You cannot imagine my joy if it is possible to return to wearing contacts! O Glory be!!!


Bob & Claire said...

Wow, that is wonderful news! I am so excited! I guess we'll have to get used to your "look" without glasses again! : )

Kim said...

Claire, that is wonderful. Praise the Lord! As someone who loves her contacts, I can join in with your happiness at getting to weara them again. Sadly, I'm getting into that bifocal stage where I don't know how much longer I'll get to wear mine.

Wonderful news!

Pilot Mom said...

Kim, I, too, wear bifocals but that isn't a problem. They do have bifocal lenses out or, the other solution is to have one lens for distance and one for near. My friend does the last one. It takes about a week or so to adjust, which is what it took me to adjust to wearing bifocal glasses. So, don't give up on your lens! :)

Poor-Con said...

Praise the Lord. And people say Jesus doesn't do miracles anymore. They just don't know where to look..

God Bless!