Thursday, February 17, 2005


I was reading another blog several days ago and she commented on how 'daily' a mother's day can be...not monotonous, just daily. I've thought about that quite a bit since I read it because I no longer have any children around the house to keep things 'spiced' up rather nicely. At times I feel like I have nothing to write about because it seems to be the same, day in and day out. Oh, yes, I do get out everyday, it seems, to run errands etc. And I would love to have a day when I don't have to go anywhere but, if it isn't an errand then it is an appointment.

However, as I thought about the 'dailyness' of my day the Lord impressed on me that it still belongs to Him and He is the one who has given me my very next breath in fact! I've known that but I think I just needed to be reminded. Everything I do I need to remember is my worship being offered to my King! Worship isn't just on Sunday when I am sitting in church but rather, throughout my day, each task I do should be done in such a way that it brings honor and glory to Him...."do it as unto the Lord."

One of the verses that I seem to be 'meditating' on this week is "taking each thought captive." I find as I do this it helps me to focus, redirect my thoughts, if needed. I'm making sure that my thoughts are offering worship to my Most High God!

I need to remind myself, also, that I never know when the Lord will involve me in a personal way in His work. The checker at my grocery store, Phyllis, came to know Him as her personal Savior, through our everyday conversations. So, I look, always prepared to share the hope that is within me. And recognizing that my next breath may not come so I want to make sure my last breath was pleasing to Him!

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