Thursday, February 10, 2005

Nehemiah 4...

I have been thinking this week, as I studied Nehemiah chapter 4, what my reaction tends to be when someone opposes me or a project that I might be involved in. Usually, I tend to get my hackles up or my feathers ruffled. I may even second guess myself. I have my immediate "reaction" then, I pray. Oh how I desire to pray first, then respond, rather than react.

In Nehemiah there began to be opposition to the rebuilding of the wall. The people were threatened...not with just harm but death. Some of the people were afraid. But Nehemiah combined prayer, preparation and planning in meeting the opposition. I love how Nehemiah reminds the Lord of His covenant with Israel. Then he prays for justice to be done by God.
He also takes steps to have his people armed. He grouped them by families...I find this intriguing. Someone may not necessarily defend another person as aggressively as he would if it was someone in his family. Throughout Nehemiah I see a lot of sound psychology!

Nehemiah also reminded the people that God would fight for them. I need to remember this too. When the Lord has called me to do something for Him and there is opposition, He will be there with me. Opposition is a good thing. Yes, it can notify us that we are upsetting satan but it can also cause us to grow. Warren Wiersbe said, "Opposition is not only an evidence that God is blessing, but it is also an opportunity for us to grow..."God had one Son without sin," said Charles Spurgeon, "but He never had a son without a trial."

It was wise of Nehemiah to redirect the discouraged people from their overwhelming opposition to their omnipotent Lord! May I do the same thing. When I am discouraged may I redirect my focus away from my problem to my omnipotent Lord! When I have a proper view of God then all my difficulties are put in the correct perspective! Over the years, I have said many times, "If someone is complaining then they are not praying." And, it is true. How can I complain if I am taking it to the Lord in prayer?

"Do not be afraid of them; remember the Lord who is great and awesome..." (Nehemiah 4:14)

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Kim said...

I, too, tend to get my hackles up when I face opposition, but that feeling is much less than the feeling that I am inaequate or incorrect in the situation. I think it's a matter of confidence that I'm doing what the Lord really wants.

I, too, wish I was more prone to prayer first, and then to action.