Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"A Round To It"

Tonight I have a special Guest blogger, my dear hubby. Every so often a poem oozes out of him and here is one he wrote quite awhile back.

A Round To It

I wish I had a round "to-it."
Boy, would things get done;
Projects galore could be marked off
Leaving so much more time for fun.

A round "to-it" is an elusive tool
which few men ever own;
Although often mentioned
It's whereabouts are seldom known.

Men search far and wide for this
most valuable treasure;
To comprehend its usefulness
is simply too vast to measure.

Although often spoken of, it
rarely shows its head
The Round To It's most arduous seeker
often lies next to you in bed.


sparrow said...


That's really good! How fun to have such a witty hubby!

G~ said...


I LOVE it!! That is hilarious!!

Printing it out to share with MY hubby, whose "Round Tuit" (I saw a round cotton potholder w/those words on it once) is named "I'll Do It Later".

Same thing.

EXACTLY the same thing.



Adrienne said...

That is very witty!

Claire, wanted to tell you thanks for stopping over at my blog yesterday. I read some of Banner of Heaven every night, it's extremely interesting to me. I really had no idea that the extreme Fundamentalist Mormon existed like it does today. I saw the one guy on Dateline and then heard he had been arrested because of his appearance, but the whole Colorado City thing, I didn't know about. I saw a recent article in People about Warren Jeffs expelling young teen men from there also, so that they would not be competition for the young girls. I just can't believe that it goes on in this day and age! Not only that, but that everyone KNOWS about it, and nothing is done!

Pilot Mom said...

Sad, but true, Adrienne! However, they are trying to do something about it now. Here where I live, there are pockets. It's just not the extreme however. The regular mormon church teachings are so odd and very unbiblical. It's amazing what satan can accomplish, isn't it? But then, I have to remind myself that what God accomplishes is even MORE and BETTER! :)

Saija said...

i must read that one to leo ... *laughing*

Anonymous said...

Now THAT is good! :)

erica Lubavitch said...

Really enjoyed that poem!

I was once on the subway in New York City and this guy was coming around giving people litte round plastic 'tuit's. Turns out he was a motivational speaker practicing for a speech that night!

Enjoying your blog - love to read about other lifestyles.

Pilot Mom said...

Erica, thank you so much for dropping in and for letting me know that you have visited! Please feel free to 'drop in' anytime! :) I'm glad to make your aquaintance!