Friday, July 08, 2005

A Very Hot Day...

Today has been one of our hottest days yet of the summer. It was to be 100 or higher today. Living in Utah, which is very dry (yesterday only 5 % humidity) we are able to use "swamp" coolers rather than central air conditioning. However, on days where the humidity is quite high they are worthless. Thankfully that isn't all that often. A swamp cooler is basically an evaporative cooler. One turns on the 'pump' which allows water to soak this huge corragated pad and then air moves across the wet pad which in turn blows out cool air into our home. Like I said, in very low humidity it works fabulous.

I was standing in my kitchen and I heard the cooler turn off. I listened for a minute and it did not come back on. So I went and turned the switch from one setting to another. Nothing. Hmmm. I then turned it off and tried to think through my options. I didn't want to wake Jim just yet because he hadn't slept long enough. On the other hand, it was 2:00 in the afternoon and it was only going to get hotter. As I stood there pondering I heard the cooler come back on. I walked into my hallway and checked the swith...Off. Hmmm. I switched it on and off and got it 'off' again. Around 3:45 I heard it again...on but the switch said off. I decided that I had to wake Jim. He came up and did get it turned 'off' for sure and decided it was the switch.

Because it was so hot without the cooler and my kitchen catches the western sun we took Nana and headed out to Sizzler, one of her favorite places. Their senior salad bar price can't be beat. Jim took the switch cover off and went to the hardware store after dinner. Bought a new switch and came home and installed it. Voila!!! He is so amazing! It works like a charm. So we have had the cooler set on 'high cool' and the house is beginning to be fairly pleasant again.

I'm so glad it was that simple and my dear hubby was able to fix it. He is always so willing to 'give it a try' before we have to call in help. It isn't his strong suit but I am grateful for what he can do. Now, on to our dishwasher! I'll keep you updated! :)

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