Saturday, February 17, 2007

I need the quiet...

I'm here and, I suppose, I'm alive. However, I feel nothing remotely similiar to being alive. I am terribly sick and don't seem to be getting any better. The good news is the chest x-ray showed no pnuemonia. It's my asthma and a terrible sinus infection. The good doctor has extended my prednisone treatment, and I am still on antibiotics and my very scheduled doses of my cough syrup with codiene. Thank goodness for meds! ;) I'm in bed, except for when I eat, then I come to the table. Dear hubby has been an angel! I don't know what I would have done without him.

Consequently, I feel like everything will be exactly the same when my sister and her hubby return in March. Oh, I know, in reality, I'll be feeling better soon and then I will become productive again but, right now, I cannot even imagine it. I remind myself of my dear mother. When she broke her pelvic bone in the three places, the nurses would come in to assess her pain. Well, she quickly discovered if she didn't move, at all, she had no pain; and that is what she told the nurses, "No, I'm not in any pain." I'm exactly the same way with my cough. As long as I don't move, I don't cough...well, most times, that is. Lol!

So here I lay with a gigantic mess all around me. It just goes to show that God's ways are infinitely above our ways. There is an old poem I came in contact with many years ago. Every so often it's truths reach out and touch me.

It is written by Alice Hansche Mortenson and is called I Needed the Quiet. Enjoy!

I needed the quiet so He drew me aside.
Into the shadows where we could confide.
Away from the bustle where all the day long
I hurried and worried when active and strong.

I needed the quiet tho at first I rebelled
But gently, so gently, my cross He upheld
And whispered so sweetly of spiritual things
Tho weakened in body, my spirit took wings
To heights never dreamed of when active and gay.
He loved me so greatly He drew me away.

I needed the quiet. No prison my bed,
But a beautiful valley of blessings instead--
A place to grow richer in Jesus to hide.
I needed the quiet so He drew me aside.


Mountain Mama said...

Nice poem. I do hope you are well soon. There is so much of the sinus infection going around right now it is astounding. I'm on my second round of antibiotics for it and my cousin in Seattle has been fighting it too.
Get well soon!

His Singer said...

Do take care, Claire! We want you back up and healthy again soon.

eija said...

Get well, ok? And this is purely selfish: I miss you and your writings...

Gina Burgess said...

Claire, I deeply desire to give you such a hug!

~Jennifer said...

That's a beautiful poem. I've felt that way when I've gotten sick before, that maybe it's God's way of slowing me down and making me rest for a bit.

Take care of yourself, Claire!