Friday, December 03, 2004


Friends are a gift from the Lord! There has been a group of us that have met over the years, originally once a week, to pray for our kids and the kids in their class. We lifted up praises and thanksgiving, there were prayers for areas of concern, prayer for their teachers, prayer for each individual child as well as the class corporately. On graduation day of high school, we sat in each pupil's chair and thanked the Lord for what He had accomplished in that persons life and we lifted up prayers for their futures. After graduation, we continued to meet but we dwindled down to two of us. One of the gals, Lana, still had children coming along behind so we asked those Moms if any of them were interested in praying for their children. We then became eight. So, over the last four years, as our children moved on into college, and the other mother's children began their last year of high school, we continued to meet to bring our requests before the throne. It has been exciting to see how the Lord has worked in the lives of our young people! To see prayers answered!

This past summer one of our moms moved to Phoenix when her husband was transfered. Over the last year or so, we had moved into meeting once a month to lift up are praises and petitions. Then right at the end of Spring, the beginning of summer we stopped meeting. We didn't stop praying...thanks to email we could share prayer requests! Well, Anita was back in town yesterday for a visit and so we all came together for a luncheon. What a time of renewal, and getting caught up on what has been going on each of our children's lives, to see pictures and to fellowship with one another! It is so exciting to look back and see the faithfulness of the Lord over the years. I am always reminded of the verse that talks about how "He who has begun a good work in you will be faithful to complete it."

Then last night I met with a young friend of mine who had invited several other ladies over for dessert. Dione has been through a very difficult time in her life but it has been such an encouragement to see how she has grown spiritually in her walk with the Lord through it all. She went through the Evangelism Explosion training that Jim taught this past fall and graduated. At the same time she was taking the EE training she began volunteering at the Pregnancy Resource Center as a counselor. On her first day of training, where one is to be basically a "wallflower", the trainer turned to Dione and asked her if she had anything more to share with the young woman sitting there with them. Before Dione knew it, she asked the young woman if she could ask her a question and the woman said yes. Dione shared the gospel with her and the woman accepted the Lord. God has used Dione mightily in this ministry and there have been eight women who are now walking with the Lord and choosing not to abort their babies. It was fun to get together and encourage one another last night.

How glad I am for the gift of each friendship that the Lord has brought into my life. What a precious jewel each one is. They add a richness to the quality and fabric of my life. Thank you, Lord!!

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