Monday, December 27, 2004

Smiling...!!! :)

We have been having a wonderful time with James!! It has been so much fun to sit and talk with him and to do things with him. He had a wonderful day at church yesterday and everyone laughed uproarously as the story came out about how he surprised us. Tomorrow night we will go over to Abby's home for dinner and games. Tricia is there along with Nancy and Carl. Tonight James and I took Nana to Sizzler and his childhood friend, Josh, works there so there was a reunion. He was able to be our server so they were able to visit. They will try to see each other before James leaves. The time seems to be flying by, way to fast for me!! I was excited to see that James hasn't lost any weight. He was very excited about receiving a George Foreman Grill...The Next Generation. That should improve his meals considerably. You might pray because Jim is asking for Tues/Weds/Thurs off. Friday is his holiday. If he gets the days off (or at least Thurs) then it will truly be a gift from the Lord!! I'll keep you posted...

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