Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I am so excited because I have finally figured out how to get pictures from my digital camera onto my computer without having to put them on a disc first! My technology expertise is nada...zilch...not computing...zero capabilities! It is much easier for me to sit down and have someone show me how to do something on the computer rather than having to read through all the techno jargon and come away swimming, or rather, drowning in deep water! So it was with much trepidation that I sat down today and began figuring.

I can honestly say that I haven't had much time to sit down and devote time to figuring it out, even if I had wanted to. My mother has had an infection and then had a terrible reaction to the antibiotic they gave her. They switched to another antibiotic and she had still another reaction. But instead of feeling crazy in her head and having a racing heart, as she did with the first med, the second just caused her to be sick to her stomach. That was much more tolerable in her book. Then my dear hubby came down with some sort of something, fever, chills, achy, and coughing. Sunday was the onset but tonight he has gone back to work. And, alas, I have messed up my knee somehow. I kept thinking that it would get better but, no....it has only gone from bad to worse. AGH! But, with the two sickies on the mend that meant that I didn't have to hobble around as much today. And, I took the opportunity as I iced my knee to dig into what it takes to transfer pics from my camera to the computer.

The big test will be tomorrow when I see if I can transfer yet another round of pics. If I can duplicate my efforts tomorrow then I will consider it a rousing success! :)

I had gotten my hopes up right before our Memorial Day weekend because our son called and said he was going to try to come home for the weekend. Naturally I got all excited! We have always relied on his expertise in educating us on the finer points of 'technology.' Now, that he is definitely gone his father and I struggle significantly when it comes time to learn something new. And, it isn't just electronic gadgets...it could be as simple as a screen door.....

When we bought our new screen door for our little house many years ago, our son was about 3. We bought it dirt cheap on sale. After getting it home and getting it installed we searched and searched for the lock on it. There was none. Quite some time later I was talking with my Mom on the phone and telling her about getting the door, Jim installing it, great price etc and I also mention that there wasn't any lock on the door. James goes running toward the door and begins calling me. I'm still talking so he comes over to get my full attention and tells me there IS a lock on the screen door. I walk over with him and on the handle on the underneath side, which only a three year old would be able to look up and see, there was a little switch when slid would lock the door. You can only imagine how many times he has had to educate his parents from that time on!

Another time he and I were riding in the car (bought new about 2 years before this particular conversation) when he wanted me to do "something" (I can't remember now, but I think it had to do with the wipers). I told him our car didn't do that and he informed me, "of course it does that, Mom. Just like on the Toyota." I did whatever he told me to do and sure enough he was right! I went inside once we were home and asked his father if he new about "something." No he didn't either. See what I mean? Here was a child, nowhere near driving age, instructing his parents on the finer capabilities of the car!!!

I'm sure you don't need me to go on. You get the picture. So now maybe you see why there is so much excitement over my figuring out how to do this, all without any input from our dear son! Yea!!


David Warren Fisher said...

Good work with your digital camera. I'm praying for the provision of one of these so I can post the things I see each day. Like you, I find it hard to figure out this stuff but once I "get it", I go all out.

Have a good and godly day!


Kim said...

Way to go Claire!

I don't have a digital camera. I'd love one.

tonia/sparrow said...

Claire, I love the pictures! Especially the baby robin...how precious!

Congrats on your technology success. I'm just learning all this stuff too and it I always feel so proud of myself!

What is it with males and understanding machinery so well? My boys do the same thing to me. "It's right here, mom." "You just push this button, mom."

Thank goodness they're around!

Pilot Mom said...

Hi David, thanks for dropping by! It has been so fun to have the digital. I really thought we were probably one of the last on the planet not to have! LOL!

Kim, all in God's timing...and that goes for DWF too! :)

Sparrow, each time you would post flowers from your garden it would make me much more eager to 'get going' with this techno stuff! :) I'm so glad there is someone in our family who isn't inept! :)

Darlene said...

Great pictures, I want to take some with my digital now too. We moved about 6 months ago and I misplaced the cord so I haven't went on a search for it yet, but now I am inspired to get cracking on some photos. My kids educate me too. Last night my thirteen year old was called in to figure out why the vacuum wouldn't go. It seems I put the cord upside down.

Pilot Mom said...

Too funny, Darlene! Good luck in your search. I love looking at all the pics...it makes it so much easier to envision...just personalizes all the people we have come to care about here in blogosphere! :)

linda said...

Dear Claire, I enjoy your blogsite so much. Beautiful picutres. Bob just got a digital camera too and is still in the learning process.

So sorry to hear about you, Jim, and your mom all having one problem and then another. Give them our love and we will be praying.

Love and Blessings -- Linda

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures Claire and your shrubs look lovely. I personally am not much of a gardener... but I do appreciate a well manicured yard. As long as I don't have to manicure it! Keep the photo's coming. It's so nice to visually connect with you.

Pilot Mom said...

Thanks Becky!

Linda, so good to hear from you. I'll email you soon! :) Hope all is well with you and yours. Hug those grandbabies for me! :)