Saturday, June 25, 2005

Knee update...

I saw my orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday and he attempted to drain the 'cyst'. He discovered there is no cyst. All he drew out was blood. He thinks I have torn the meniscus and it bled into "whatever" causing a large hematoma behind my knee. Anyway, he sent me for an MRI of my knee on Friday. I had asked several people to pray because I can get very claustophobic in very small, tight places. When I arrived and walked in the room, they situated me on the table and I was told that I wouldn't have to go in all the way....just up to my chest! So my arms were free and my head was clear! The loud noises don't bother me at all so I was able to close my eyes and thank the Lord for His faithfulness during my time of 'imaging'! Now, I wait until next week to meet with the doctor again and find out if it is indeed a torn meniscus and whether I'll need surgery to correct it!


Kim said...

Praying for you, Claire!

tonia/sparrow said...

Here's a big hug: (((Claire)))

Hope you are finding something to laugh about in all this!

G~ said...

Wow! PTL about the MRI thing. :) God always takes care of things, doesn't He??
Hope they figure out what to do about your knee w/o much more testing, etc. Sounds nasty! Hope it's not causing too much pain. (altho, it SOUNDS painful!)
Special blessings on you for being such a beautiful person & prayers on the knee situation.

Poor-Con said...

I"ll pray for you Claire, all will work out according to his plan. Ask yourself, is there a Kingdom opportunity here somewhere?

God Bless!

Pilot Mom said...

Thank you, Kim! Much appreciated!

Sparrow, hugs are ALWAYS appreciated! :)

Geannie, He DOES take care of all things, doesn't He? Isn't that comforting? I find great peace in that tidbit of knowledge.

Poor-Con, thanks for the prayers! I am always looking for a kingdom opportunity! They seem to pop up in the most unusual places! :)

Gayla said...

Praying that God will heal you!