Monday, September 19, 2005

I've been tagged....

I've been tagged by Hey Jules over at Faith of Fiction.....

Getting to Know Me.....

5 things I plan to do before I die:
1) See James earn his wings
2) Travel
3) Grow in my walk with the Lord
4) Share Christ with more people
5) Enoy each day the Lord gives me!

5 things I can do:
1) Cook
2) Fold shirts really fast
4) Wake someone up to kill a spider ;)
5) Fly in a small airplane but only with my son as the pilot (well, and maybe my brother-in-law could be the pilot too!)

5 things I cannot do:
1) SING...I make a joyful NOISE!
2) I cannot climb up on the roof of our house...scared of heights
3) I cannot eat brussel sprouts
4) I cannot stand bugs of any kind
5) I cannot water ski

5 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
Well, I think I'll stick with 5 things that attract me to my husband:
1) His sense of humor
2) His brown eyes
3) His compassionate heart
4) His tenderness
5) His walk with the Lord

5 things I say most often:
1) Praise the Lord
2) Jim!!!
3) I love you
4) Sure!
5) "Not!"

5 Celebrity crushes:
I don't have crushes on celebrities but I wouldn't mind meeting some interesting people...
1) President Bush
2) Laura Bush
3) The apostle Paul
4) Prime Minister Tony Blair
5) Any of my blogging friends! :)

5 People I want to do this next:
1) Sparrow
2) Claire at Psalm 127
3) Becky
4) Gina
5) Joe at Joe's Jottings


Bob & Claire said...

Okay, I'll give it a shot! It might take me a little while though--I usually have to think about these things. . . LOL,it must go with the name--many of our responses could be the same, esp. in the "things we can't do" catagory! : )

Pilot Mom said...

Thanks, Claire! I know what a s-t-r-e-t-c-h this is! :)

HeyJules said...

Yes, there you go...we meet at the whole "I hate bugs" thing! So, left in a room together to sit and talk about God, who would we get to kill the bug that meandered in?

Thanks for playing along. I feel I know you better now!

Pilot Mom said...

Well, Jules, my first thought is to pray that the Lord would strike him dead on the spot...barring that, I would pray that the Lord would show him the door. However, that presents a problem because the bug would still be alive. So, the one who is wearing the thickest soles on her shoes would be the one to kill the bug! :) Would that be fair enough?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I make a joyful noise too!

sparrow said...

I'll get right to it, Claire!

Gina Burgess said...

Too late, Claire who hates bugs of every type, I've already been "It" lol. However, I will share the link to where "I've been tagged" information will remain until Blogger decides to roll over and die.

It's a bit more in depth than your tag.

ukok said...

Oh, pilot mom, please tell me that your crush on Tony Blair was thrown in for fun!

God bless.

Pilot Mom said...

No, ukok, I don't have a crush on Tony Blair. I just think it would be interesting to meet the man and have a dialogue with him. My list has nothing to do with crushes...just 'interesting' people to me whom I would be interested in 'interviewing' per se. Hope that clears up any questions you may have. :)