Wednesday, September 21, 2005


The phone rang very early this morning waking me up. It was James asking me if it would be okay if a friend of his could spend the night at our home tonight. Of course, I said yes. Then he went on to ask if I could pick up his friend at the airport. Again, I said yes. James went on to apologize for not calling before he told his friend it was okay to stay at our house and then added, "...but I didn't figure it would be a problem since you gave birth to him." The "friend" is James! Corpus Christi is having to evacuate because of hurricane Rita. He will arrive tonight around 8:00. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! They are evacing (?) the planes and his roommate is getting to fly one to Hill AFB. James will fly back with him and the IP when they get the "all clear" signal. So I may be a little scarce as far as my blogging....please forgive! :)


G~ said...


So happy for you, Claire! What a sneaky James is! ;)

Have a wonderful visit!!!!

And...PICTURES!!!!! PICTURES!!!!!!!!

Just a little suggestion there. *heh*

Dave said...

Great news Claire. Enjoy your time together.

Corry said...

Claire, I am so happy for you!!!
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy:-)

God's Grace.

HeyJules said...

I bet you're fit to be tied! Give him a big kiss for all of us.

Who knew a hurricane could bring such good news?

Anonymous said...

OH, I'm so glad he gets to come home! What a wonderful sursprise visit!

Don't forget to post some pics!

Bob & Claire said...

Ahh, I was wondering what would happen with James, and I meant to email you last night to see if you had heard anything! I figured they would scramble the airplanes, but I didn't think one would go to Hill! How exciting!!

tonia/sparrow said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!!

Have a great time!

ukok said...

I echo Gayla's post, show us some pics if you can!

God Bless!