Friday, October 28, 2005

Another Prayer Request....

We (actually, James is) are down to the wire. (However, for all of us who have been praying this year or part of the year we feel like we have been right there through it all with him!)

James finished ground school today but he has several charts and graphs that he has to map out and have ready to turn in Sunday morning. He will have his Check Ride (BIG test flight) Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. Then he will have his solo flight on Monday.

Tuesday should begin his low level flights with his final overall Check Ride on Monday or Tuesday, Nove 7 or 8. So, if everything goes well he will be totally done...syllabus complete by a week from Tuesday!! Isn't that amazing? One year and four days... WOW!

Okay, the exact prayer requests are: pray that he gets the charts and graphs done accurately. He should have had the whole weekend but they surprised him with the check ride for Sunday morning. Pray that he will fly flawlessly on Sunday. That he will have solid control of the plane, that his manuevers will be executed well, his approaches are great and his landings are *nailed*. Pray that he will have recall for any questions asked of him. That he will have time to study properly for this flight. Pray that the Lord would give him the 'knowledge, the skill and the ability' to perform whatever is asked.

Thank you again for your faithfulness to pray.


Corry said...

We will pray for him. May God bless and guide him and give him strength to get through these coming days succesfully. And his parents as well:-)

God's Grace.

Melissa said...

I shall be praying. Please let us know how it goes after Sunday :)

Pilot Mom said...

Melissa, you can count on it!! Thank you for your prayers!