Saturday, October 01, 2005



Unlike Gayla, who spent 10 minutes trying to spell the word, I just took her at face value that she spelled it correctly. Gayla has tagged me to list 5 of my idiosyncrasies. Hmm, which to choose?

1) I cannot sleep without the fan going...winter, spring, summer or fall, it makes no difference. My poor husband sleeps in a long sleeve turtle neck shirt because he is always cold due to the fan. I have a ceiling fan directly over the bed and then another one by the side of my bed that I use during the summer. That one is now getting put away for the winter.

2) I cannot begin cooking if my kitchen is messed up. If there are dirty dishes or things not put away, I have to take time to clean the mess before I begin any prep work in my kitchen.

3) I don't do spiders or any bug for that matter. My husband and son got me a 'bug zapper' for my birthday one year. I love it! I keep watch over the spider so he doesn't get away while my husband goes and gets the 'zapper' and then does the zapping. It works wonderfully! :)

4) I LOVE ice tea. I drink it with LOTS of ice and LOTS of lemon. In a restaurant I ask for "ice tea, with lots of ice and extra lemon." Their tip goes down if they don't follow through.

5) I always sit in the same spot in church on Sunday. My husband, who likes change, will talk me into moving sometimes. I still sit in the same pew... just at the opposite end.

I never really think about my having idiosyncrasies but my husband and son will vouch for the fact that I probably have many more which I haven't listed. I can hear James beginning to list them.....

This was fun, especially to read everyone else's. Like Gayla, I like having a cover...mine doesn't have to be blankets but at least a sheet. I, too, keep water by my bed. If I don't drink it, that's okay. It's there. I also love socks! My favorite time is fall and sock shopping! I can't stand to wear you see the list does go on!

I won't name anyone but if you choose to do it please let me know!


Gayla said...

Hey, numbers 2 and 4 are the same for me.

I drink tea myself, and whenever I order, I ask for extra ice. Same with any drink. And I prefer a fountain drink over canned or bottled any day.


I have to have a clean kitchen before I start a new cooking project. Plus, I clean as I go.

We don't really think about our idosyn...idio thingies do we?! Last night, as I was pondering it, I kept asking Roger if I had any. :)

Pilot Mom said...

And, what did he tell you? My hubby and James both just burst out laughing!! :) I'm telling you, they are just jealous!

Gayla said...

He gave me a couple I couldn't mention on a blog!