Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I have a dear friend who I have prayed with every week for years. It began when our kids were in Christian school. We would meet every Friday and pray for the kids in the class and our own children and families. We prayed all the way through high school graduation. In fact, the day of graduation we sat in each chair on the stage and prayed for each graduate and their future. Talk about tears!!!

But, then we decided to keep praying because now our graduates were heading off to college and the decisions they would be making would be major decisions that would have life long consequences. So we continued praying until she and her family moved back to PA. She and her husband sold their home here in SLC and bought a condo because he still came back to UT for business. N would come back a few times each year and we faithfully get to together for our prayer time. In the meantime we manage with email and phone calls.

Today was our day to go before His holy throne together! What a blessed time it was. So much praising and rejoicing as we have lifted our three children up before the Lord! Her oldest daughter just passed her bar and is a lawyer here in town. Her second daughter is James' best friend since 8th grade. He will be spending Thanksgiving with their family as they converge on family in Houston.

Friendships that are based on the Lord are truly rich indeed. For two sisters in the Lord to come before our holy and mighty God, laying out our praises and our prayers solidifies us in an indescribable way. We are indeed blessed that the Lord blesses His children with close friends. It is a shadow of what our fellowship will be in heaven. Thankfully, He lets us have a small taste here on earth before He calls us home.


HeyJules said...

That is incredible to think that you prayed for all those kids all those year! You really are something, Claire! What a wonderful friendship you must share.

And Rylee's coming home! That's ONE more I get to check off the prayer journal. I'm having a BIG week checking answered prayers off and you were is a blast!

G~ said...

what a great post. My dh and I have been pondering our friendships as we go through this marriage study at church.

Neither of us have any deep friendships, which just MAY be the realization we need to develop our friendship more?

Anyhow...I appreciated the word-picture of your friendship.

AND PTL about Rylee!!!! :D What great news!!!


jettybetty said...

What a great friend!
I prayed for many years with a group of ladies for our kids in school--but we quit getting together after the kids graduated--now you make me want to call them and have prayer catch up session!
One way God smiles on us is through good friends!

Pilot Mom said...

Jules, don't cross her off just yet. She still needs the original brain surgery performed. And, she can still only say, "One." No matter what you ask her she says, "One!" But what expression she gives that one word!!! :) Lol!

G~I highly recommend a "couple" friendship with another believing couple. It is richly rewarding! :)

JettyBetty, isn't it marvelous that He does smile on us with friends? Do call them up and have a get together for prayer and fellowship again. Maybe you don't need to meet every week but once a quarter, for those of you still around. Thanks for dropping in, I hope you leave refreshed.

blakeyblog said...

What a sweet post, Claire! I was so encouraged to read about such a meaningful friendship that you enjoy. I have a friend I pray with frequently but only for two years now. Your thoughts encouraged me to keep that going to build the friendship and also realize the importance of coming to the Lord with a sister in Christ.

Pilot Mom said...

Thanks, Christa! I'm glad to hear you have a prayer partner. I really do encourage you to keep it up. It is well worth it!

Melissa said...

It is a blessing beyond measure when you find a friend like that. I am humbled everyday for that special friend in my life!