Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rylee's Progress!

Today we watched RyLee walk with only minimal help. She can swallow now and is eating pureed food. The surgeon wants to do the major surgery to remove the AVM (malformation) in 3-6 weeks, wheneverRyLee feels ready. She is in the Rehabilitation Unit of U Med Center, and Nathan would appreciate evening visitors this week through 10/17 while he is off work. Call him first.

The rest is from Nate: In terms of her language comprehension, it is still hit and miss. Some things clearly get through, other times she just nods as if she understands but she's not picking up all the details of what you’re trying to communicate to her. All of her personality and intellect is in tact as far as I can tell. So my visits with her, although linguistically inhibited, always make me feel good. Last night, while visiting after work, I was able to lay in bed with her and watch an episode of 'buffy.' I am so grateful to have the company of my wife in a real way. Praise the Lord. Thank you for all of your prayers everyone. Next week I think it would be good for her for friends to start to visit. Her therapy sessions are spaced through out the day but by the evenings she is free for visitors. It wouldn't be good for alot of people to visit at once because the room is small and shared with other patients. My week off started on Tuesday so if anyone wants to visit her, give me a call and I can sort of organize her visits.


Melissa said...

Pilot Mom, I am always so appreciative of your comments on my blog. I will keep Rylee and her family in my thoughts and prayers! God bless you all...I'll start visiting on a more regular basis!

Corry said...

It is good to hear she is doing better. I pray the progress continues.

God's Grace.

HeyJules said...

Somehow, when you asked us to pray that very first time, despite how desperate the situation seemed, I just SAW her getting better. Praise Him for all He's done. Tell her she can have my helping of grace this week. My life's blessed enough as it is!

G~ said...

What wonderful news! Praise the Lord!