Friday, August 11, 2006


I have been reflecting on a verse lately. It's Revelation 21:7 "He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. " There is a wonderful history behind this verse for me and for my friend, L. I had been over visiting with her when she received a knock on the door. It was a young man who desired to visit with us and share some things about his beliefs.

After a very lengthy discussion in which we discussed many, many spiritual things it was winding down. But before he left he desired to meet with us again at the beginning of the next week. He was leaving right in the middle of a talk about people becoming gods. One of our criteria that we had all agreed on was the Bible would be our final source of authority. Both sides needed to show how their position lined up with God's Word. If it didn't then there was no point in going further down that path.

Well, on Sunday, L was sitting in her church listening intently to her sermon. At the exact same time I was sitting in my church, also listening intently to my pastor's sermon. Our sermon touched on this very verse. I sat there stunned. It was as if the Lord had sent me my own personal message marked: "Read this, Claire." I could hardly wait to get home and call L and tell her about this verse.

In the meantime, L's pastor preached out of Revelation 21 and also touched on verse 7. She too thought she had received a personal message from the Lord. She raced home to call me after church. We were both so amazed how God confirmed for both of us, using the exact same scripture verse, in churches across the city from each other.

We were able to meet with the young man again and shared our scripture verse with him, even sharing our story on how the Lord gave it to both of us on Sunday morning. We met a few more times with this young man and then he went on his way.

I'm very grateful for the friends which the Lord has given me. He has even widened my friendships through my blog. I never ever dreamed that I would develop friendships with people in Canada, Scotland, Finnland, England, Australia, and all across my own great country. What I love about the friendships which the Lord has blessed me with is they support and strengthen me in difficult times. They laugh with me in the good times and come along side me in the difficult times.

These friends are all different denominations. Like my friend, L. I read something a short while ago which suggested it would be helpful to get to know my future neighbors. I did a double take to make sure I read that correctly. It went on to say not the ones I always hang out with but the ones who are different. Maybe their worship services are a little more robust or contemporary, or too loud or too staid. Their services may be more charismatic or not charismatic enough. Maybe they are a different skin color and worship in a much more vibrant way. These are the different ones I should get to know. Why? Because I'm going to be worshiping side by side with them one day in heaven. And on that day, no one's going to be debating denominational differences! Can I hear a Hallelujah?!

Isn't that a grand thought! It made me smile. I have been meeting my "future" neighbors. One way has been through our Christian Chapter Chat. (It's not too late to sign on board!) And now we have more new neighbors joining in on our discussions. I'm glad. Because until I actually get Home to Heaven, I'm catching a glimpse of it right now and I am able to participate with a small taste what Heaven will be like. Thank you to each one of my blogging friends. You are all very special to me.


Andrea said...

I love hearing how the Lord works and moves - thanks for sharing!!

Many blessings to you today.

HeyJules said...

I'm trying to figure out how to tell you how much you mean to all of us (an me, in particular) but I can't seem to think through the tears.

You've so touched my life, Claire. What a God He must be that He could find us both through all these millions and millions of people and plop us down in the same place and time in a little space called Blogdom.

His miracles must be as wide and deep and high as His love for all of us.

Dave said...

I was just about to post but Jules has beaten me to it because in the relatively short time I've - we - Kriss also - known you, you have been a steadfast blessing to us. We praise God that we now have this common bond; we give thanks in His Name.

And yes, you defenitely hear a "HALLELUJAH!!!"

eija said...

In my circles we often joke about the "heretics". But it's just that - joking, and we do it only in a small circle that understands it as joking. We don't want to offend anyone.

To me borders and limitations between different dominations are a pain. And to see them so high and strong in my own town... sigh. But this is one of the things that delight me in the blogging world: There isn't a need to even share what our denominations are! The same goes with ages. In many cases I don't even know if the persons are my age or older or perhaps younger. And I love it.

This lack of unnecessary borders is a very valuable asset, a gift and a blessing that enables sharing between all "groups". I just wish and pray that it would happen more in the "real life", too.

Claire, you're special. I think you know that, but sometimes the selfevident things need to be said, too. And with special I don't mean just in God's eyes, but mine - and I dare say our, your blogging friends' - eyes, too.

Be blessed, my friend :)

Pam said...

What a great post. You never know what small thing may enhance your day or the day of someone else.

Pilot Mom said...

*blushing* Thank you all. It's taken me this many days to overcome my embarassment and say thank you. I certainly wasn't "fishing"!