Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lacking 90 by a few hours!!

With all that took place on my Mom's 90th birthday I totally spaced out her OWLS luncheon (Older Wiser Ladies Society) that was held in her honor the day before. So, here is the birthday girl! Who would have ever thought that the very next morning our lives would be forever altered! All I can say is that she is one TOUGH lady to be only 4'9" and 79 pounds!

Her pain is still very excruciating but she is moving better. She was able to sit in a wheelchair today to eat her lunch. The confusion hasn't totally left, but the being in a fog, out of reality with that vacant stare, mumbling and "picking" the air has left! For that I praise the Lord!

So as Mom continues to come out of the acute delirium brought on by the broken pelvis I am much encouraged. Does she still have a long way to go? Oh my yes!! But there is hope, and encouragement as we see progress each day, even though it is in small increments. We can see the possibility of her returning to our home in the future.

Psalm 77:14 "You are the God who works wonders; You have made known Your strength among the people."

Mom, we are so proud of you and all the progress you have made in a week! We LOVE you!!! Posted by Picasa


eija said...

Happy news - great! :)

Bob & Claire said...

Yay, Nana! We're glad she enjoyed the pictures. Caleb has written her a letter, which we'll send out Monday. So be looking for it next week!

Dave said...

Praise God for the blessing of your mom's continued recovery. I hope & pray that she will still be around when Kriss and myself hopefully do our round trip of the USA in a couple of years time. She will be one special lady to visit with!

Barbara said...

Blessings to you mum - and prayers coming overyour way from "over here"

Pam said...

Still keeping her in my thoughts and prayers and sending love and healing energy to you and Nana. Call me if you need me!

LJ said...

Happy 90th Nana! and keep up the good fight Claire. God is ever holding you all up. :-)

His Singer said...

Glad to hear she's doing better, Claire. We're still praying for her, and you as well.


Gayla said...

What a lovely picture of a lovely lady!

I'm so glad to hear she's coming along. :)

G~ said...

Your mommy is just the cutest little thing, Claire! I have never seen a pic of your dad, but I'm betting that most of your good lookin's come from this petite pretty. :)

I'm so glad she is continuing to improve. I think I must have missed her birthday disaster. *sigh* But I am SO happy to hear she's still plugging away. Prayers for swift recovery!

Go Nana, GO!! :)