Tuesday, August 01, 2006


What a delightful day! The rain came pouring down as did the temperature!! I don't think we made it out of the 60's today! What a relief. However, the storm wasn't nice to some people. It is what they call a super cell storm and it looks like a tornado came ripping through. So many places still without power. As for us...we are just fine. No damage at our place. Just much needed rain. Tomorrow we dry back out and climb to 85 before heading back into the 90's.


eija said...

I'm so glad it's cooled down a bit in here. It's been a weird, long, hot summer - nothing like the summers usually are in Finland. Now it's a comfy summer weather for me - about 20-22 in celsius (68-71 in F). But still no rain. Everything is brown and dead. My jasmine tree is green, but the leaves are hanging sadly, all curled up.

Those tornadoes and hurricanes are so dreadful - I'm glad we don't have those. I'm scared enough of a regular thunderstorm!

Pam said...

We had some of that rain for two nights in a row. Just delightful.
Glad to hear everything is okay at your casa.

HeyJules said...

Send it our way! Today is supposed to be the last of the super hot (103+) days and then our long awaited break is supposed to come on in.

Oh what I'd do for a normal temp day!

Dawn said...

I'm glad you got some relief from the heat. This summer heat is really bad this year. We've had some afternoon showers, but I'm ready for a nice long steady rain and my lawn would really appreciate it.

I hope there's wasn't anyone hurt with the tornado.

G~ said...

isn't that the way down here? we can't just have something nice w/o it causes someone else a problem. *sigh*

but won't heaven be wonderful!??! ahhhh.

I sure will be glad when we ever get some rain!!! they've been promising it for over a week, but noooOOoOoo.

alls we been getting is humidity in the 70% range and temps in the mid 90s and heat indices (is that right?!? sheesh! LOL!) of up to 105. it's been dangerous around here!

enjoy that rain and think of me... *whimper, sniffle*


witw said...

I dream of cool weather someday. We have only three more months of hot weather left!!! Mel

Beth said...

I'm glad you got some rain. We haven't had rain here for like, a month basically. So sad, and so hot and miserable. We haven't even been able to go outside and play with the baby :( I'm sorry that it was a bad rain though. My mom and dad moved a couple of years ago because a tornado went right over their roof and ripped off one of the walls to their second story balcony. I don't like tornadoes or big storms like that, just a little thunder and lightening here and there. Hope you have a great day!

God Bless!