Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Promise....

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If you peer close enough you can barely see the rainbow in each picture. The top picture it is going across the sky and the bottom picture it's located at the end of the road. It had been brighter but was fading quickly when I remembered we had our camera with us. We had been to a little town about an hour from us, with another couple, to eat Mexican food. Yummm!

Genesis 9:12-16

God said, "This is the sign of the covenant which I am making between Me and you and every living creature that is with you; for all successive generations; I set My bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between Me and the earth. It shall come about, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow will be seen in the cloud, and I will remember My covenant, which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and never again shall the water become a flood to destroy all flesh. When the bow is in the cloud, then I will look upon it, to remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth."

Have a blessed Sunday! May you find it in your heart to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
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eija said...

Oh, I love rainbows! There are so many great stories and testimonies attached to them. Plus they're incredibly beautiful!

Dave said...

Rainbows are the best.

Claire, I've copied and printed up 'The Thirteen Names of God' and I'm going to hand them out to our cell folks this week.

Thank you.

Pilot Mom said...

Dave, there are many many might challenge them to look through God's Word and do a study on the Names of God. See what they come up with. If you need more Names, then just let me know! :)

HeyJules said...

Claire, I'm so happy they turned out! What a beautiful evening!

Mountain Mama said...

I remember when my mother told me about the Rainbow and God's covenant. It delighted me then and still does to this day. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I needed the reminder.

Dawn said...

I love pictures of rainbows. It's such a beautiful reminder of God everlasting love for us:) Thanks for shairing!!

Last time I promise...I've moved to my new home sweet home. I finally got my own place.

So I hope you'll move with me again:)

Beth said...

Hey! Rainbows are really neat. So pretty, and so much things to remind us of. Those pictures are really great. Hope you have a great week!

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hi, my friend. :)