Friday, July 21, 2006

A laugh for my sister!!!

Next best thing to seeing it in person, Sis! *wink*
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HeyJules said...

Okay, email me and tell me what THIS is all about! That is too funny!!!

G~ said...

Soooo... you were practicing your square dancing and during the do-see-do, you somehow did a double-stub of the big tootsies?

OR... you kicked the hooey out of the one piggy and the subsequent swelling left you all out of balance, so your only option was to stomp the other piggy to match? Clever. Very.

Do tell, Claire. I'm all out of ideas, although.. I have to say I have never seen such stylin' footsies with bandaged toes! Nice.


Pilot Mom said...

*laughing* G~ you are right on both counts! LOL!!!

G~ said...

sheesh! you're much more talented than I ever imagined!

you're holdin' out on us, claire!!!