Thursday, July 13, 2006

Email funny....

Do you want to hear something funny? Pilot emailed yesterday to say they weren't going climbing. This is what the email said and I will quote verbatim: " You can rest easy because he ended up getting scheduled to take a test today so we aren't going to climb." Now, please understand that I had just gotten up and was still under the influence of my heavy meds. I read the email and I thought to myself how odd that he would say "he" instead of "I". Oh well...I'll pray for his test today.

Pilot calls tonight. I answer the phone.

Me: So how was your day? Long I suppose?

Pilot: No, I was off today. I didn't work.

A pause. I assimilate what he just said.

Me: What about your test today?

Pilot: I didn't have a test today. The nav guy who I was going to go climbing with, he had the test today. I told you that in the email.

Me: *bursts out laughing* Well, ask how he did on his test. He was certainly prayed for today! I wonder if God passed it on to him or is He holding my prayers in a little box for safe keeping for your next test!!! LOL!!!

Whew! I'm sure glad it was I that was in the error regarding the email and not Pilot. I thought for sure he had a sound grasp of his pronouns.... *snicker* It's just me that's the dumb cluck!!!


Brian said...

I've done something like that. I sent an email, first thing in the morning, to let an associate know when to call later. When I got the call, I was surprised that she knew exactly when to call!

Corry said...

I once forwarded an email I got from a lady, to my husband and added "I love you" at the top, then found out I had hit the reply button instead of the forward button. Arghh. I had some explaining to do, haha.
I made a rule for myself never to answer or forward mails when I just got up!

God's Grace.

HeyJules said...

I'm not about to disclose my most embarassing email mistake but let's just say I made it four years ago and the guys at work are STILL teasing me about it.

As for Pilot, I'm sure God used the prayers for the guy taking the test AND put a few in reserve for Pilot's next test. :-)

Susan said...

That's funny! Yeah, I'm sure maybe even God got a little smile out of that one!! Thanks for stopping by my place!

I had to laugh at your snake story. I had a similar experience on June 29th and 30th. Here's the link to those two posts, here..

Now the frog only added to my critter experiences for the past month...oh my goodness!!

I'll try to stop back by!! Happy Blogging!!

Pilot Mom said...

It delights me to know end to know that there is a group out there in which I fit in! ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who has had a really bad marriage; her husband is a real jerk. Anyway, he had done some particular thing one time, and I e-mailed her a really scathing letter ABOUT her husband. As soon as I clicked 'send' I noticed that the e-mail actually went to HIM!!

I'm happy to know that Pilot does, in fact, have a good grasp of the pronoun. :)

Pilot Mom said...

Obviously I do not know the proper use of "know" and "no"! LOL! I'm blaming it on these confounded drugs! No wonder they don't want you driving while using them! :P

Dawn said...

Too funny:)

LJ said...

A heartfelt prayer is never wasted.

Pilot Mom said...

LJ, you are most definitely right!