Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Names of God

1…. The Creator: Elohim

2.... The God Most High: El Elyon

3.... The God Who Sees: El Roi

4.... The All-Sufficient One: El Shaddai

5.... The Lord: Adonai

6.... The Self-Existent One: Jehovah

7.... The Lord Will Provide: Jehovah-jireh

8.... The Lord Who Heals: Jehovah-rapha

9.... The Lord My Banner: Jehovah-nissi

10.. The Lord Who Sanctifies You: Jehovah-mekoddishkem

11.. The Lord Is Peace: Jehovah-shalom

12.. The Lord My Shepherd: Jehovah-raah

13.. The Lord Our Righteousness: Jehovah-tsidkenu

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Crayonsetc said...

Now that is a great list!!! I am on a secular email list where they like to harass me about every one of my signature lines... and they only seem to pick on my bible verses ;) I don't back down though.

Happy TT!!

MysteriousLady said...

Interesting List!

Happy Thursday!

Something's Missing said...

Things I never knew!

Happy Thursday!

My My Thursday Thirteen is up!

Juggling Mother said...

There're an awful lot of jehova's in there. Isn't it cheating a bit to say they are all names - more like descriptions;-)

still, interesting list

My TT is up

Raggedy said...

My TT is up

armywife said...

i like your list. everyone once in a while i come across these and feel amazed. of course there would have to be tons and tons of names for God, how could anyone possibly describe him in just a couple of words, eh?

my 13 are up too on my new blog

swilder said...

Love, love, LOVE this list!

Southern Girl said...

Great list! I've read a couple of different books on the names of Jesus and always got so much out of them. My favorite name for Jesus though is "I Am." :)

My TT is up -- hope you'll stop by for a visit.

Trish said...

Great list! I named my second son ELIAS! HAPPY TT!!

Christina said...

Very creative idea for a T13! It reminds me of the infinite number of ways that God can be described. I enjoyed reading it.

Gail said...

Very good list! I've heard of quite a few, our pastor likes to use the different names.