Monday, July 24, 2006

The Papa Prayer by Larry Crabb

I'm sitting here soaking my toes in epsom salt water and thinking about prayer. Is prayer the richest part of your spiritual life? It is for me. In fact, I would go so far as to say it's my lifeline. How would your life be without prayer? Mine would be one stressed out life, worrying constantly over things which I have no control over. It isn't a happy picture at all.

How do you see prayer? Is it something that is useful in asking God for different needs? Or do you see that prayer has more to do with God's speaking to you and you learning to be the listener? As Larry Crabb says in his book, The Papa Prayer, "It's a dance where He leads.

So far I'm liking this book. It is convicting in many ways. Depending on your prayer relationship with the Lord, you may find yourself learning some new thoughts regarding prayer and God. I highly recommend it.


annie said...

I know I have a need to learn to do more listening than talking in my prayer life.

(I was reading backwards a few posts and I have to tell you that I really enjoyed watching the "babies laughing" video you posted a link to. The laughter is infectious!)

Melissa said...

It is a deep and amazing priviledge to come before the throne room of the most high and speak to Him. So often I look at it as duty. I list off the things I need to tell Him as quickly as possible. I don't spend time talking with Him or listening to Him. My pastor always says how long would a friend keep answering your calls if all you did was call them give them a list of demands and hang up...that is how we treat God like a fix-it service with our list of wants and demands. I just want to sit in the shadow of His wings and rejoice with Him...I love you Lord forgive me for speaking you with less than a tremble!