Thursday, July 27, 2006

Friday Feast

Feast One-Hundred & Four

What's the funniest dream you can remember having?
Oh my! I don't have funny dreams. Isn't that sad? However, my husband and our son can have some pretty funny ones. But, I guess that doesn't count, does it? ;D

If you were a dog, what breed would you be, and why?
I know I would not want to be a chihuahua because they are too small and haven't any fur. I would love to be a Keeshond, or any breed that my friend Pam, over at Ramblings and Other Things, might have. Why? Because she LOVES her dogs and takes the very best care of them and, I have a sneaking suspicion...she spoils them.

Continue this sentence: "I get confused when I'm doing complicated math."

Main Course
Name two things that need to be done, but you are procrastinating in completing.
Just two? Oh come on now! 1) cleaning my desk top 2) yard work (because it is too hot---103 F)

When was the last time you tried something new, and what was it?
This is easy. On July 21st I tried my new diabetic med which is an injection.


Margaret said...

We're sharing the garden/yardwork in our main course this evening for the same reason. Great feast. -Margie

Connie and Rob said...

So sorry you have to take diabetic medication...hope it works for you and makes you feel well.

Take care,

My feast is up!

Yoshi said...

hopefully your medication works for you. :) sometimes it's a trial and error thing, never fun.

Melli said...

I am PASSING on that dessert today, thank you! I don't LIKE it! I'll have some extra salad to make up for it, okay?

Wystful1 said...

Oh ya baby!! Me too. I shoulda served up a bunch of that yard work stuff in MY feast. Boy, it IS hot, isn't it?!!!

Mine's up

"D" said...

I could share your main course with you...103? Blech! How are the meds working?

Deb said...

It's too hot to do anything other than look out the window and watch the grass grow. Or, if your yard is anything like mine, watching the weeds grow ;~)

Have a great Friday! Enjoyed your FF!

chrysalis said...

Hi, Pilot Mom! I just surfed over from Geannie's blog -- you left some outstanding comments on worship, and I just wanted to stop by and say hi to the person who wrote them!

Mama Duck said...

Well, it's just a lovely feast! Happy Friday!

Stacy said...

Great feast - hope the new meds are working out for you. And geesh, I hope the temps get better soon, 103 sounds sooo hot!

Have a great day, my feast is up also...

Ghost said...

I hope the desert works out for you. Cheers.

Amanda said...

Hope the diabetic medication works for you and makes you feel good!

Dawn said...

Yikes 103!!!

Hope the new meds make you feel better!

Rob said...

Is that the "lizard spit" drug?

I'm still controlled by diet and exercise. Sometimes I wish I could just take a drug.

Rob of UnSpace

Rob said...

Note: I don't remember the real name of the drug. As a biochemist, I get a kick, though, that one of the best new drugs on the market (it's injectable) is based on an enzyme found in the gila monster saliva. Hence the joke about "lizard spit."

I just get frustrated with the diet sometimes. The other night, we had a blogger get-together, and there was almost nothing I could do for desert.

At least my mother-in-law bakes me sugar-free deserts for parties. She's a wonder!

Rob said...

For those who may not know -- there's a sort of conversation pingponging back and forth between my blog and this one.

I know about the carb counting, but eating out at a restaurant is difficult, and stopping once I have a delicious desert is even more difficult.

If I do 20 miles running, I can eat literally anything for about a half hour and almost anything for 2 hours, but getting to the restaurant in that half hour is tricky.

I shouldn't complain. My HbA1c stays below 6 and is often below 5 (especially when I'm training for a marathon). I'm trading those deserts for years of not taking meds. It's worth it, but there are times when I wish I could pull out a vial of insulin and pig out.

Rob said...

I stopped running in 1995 because I thought I was "too old." December, 1999, I was told "Your blood glucose is over 200 mg/dl."

I never ran a marathon until after being diagnosed as a diabetic. I've done it 3 times now. I'm slow, but I finish!

I wish I'd known how to train properly. I might never have stopped running, which at least might have delayed this stuff.

When did you find out?