Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Our Next Book at Christian Chapter Chat (CCC)

It looks like we've got the next book picked out for Christian Chapter Chat! If you are thinking about joining us then go take a look at the new book "Story: Recapture the Mystery" by Steven James. According to Jules, over at Maced with Grace, who just happens to have a copy in her hot little hands, it has short chapters, tons of Scripture references, some unbelieveable poetry, and the author walks you through the story of the Bible from beginning to end. What a deal and all for under $10.00.

After checking it out and you decide you would like to participate in the reading club then let either myself know or email Jules at We will be starting either Monday the 21st or Monday the 28th, depending on member's schedules.

Once we know whom all will be participating then we'll decide what schedule works best for putting up posts about the chapter we will currently be reading.

Now, some of you might be asking what is so special about joining Christian Chapter Chat. Well, I'm just going to copy and paste what Jules wrote on her blog about her association with the other participants (men as well as women are welcome to join). I quote, " What made reading a book as an online bookclub so great last time around? I'd have to say that it taught us so much about each of the other members. It really drew us together despite our different beliefs and backgrounds. By the time we finished the first book, "Moments with the Savior" by Ken Gire, we had become accountable to each other in various stages of our Christian walk. We also shared personal revelations about ourselves and we were amazed at how God used each of us to open the hearts up of the other members. It was really an amazing experience!"

So there you have it. Go buy yourself a copy and read along or jump in and post your thoughts along with the others. Let Jules know...or me....and we will get you added to the website over at Christian Chapter Chat!


Dave said...

Have just ordered a copy and looking forward to joining in.

Pilot Mom said...

That's wonderful, Dave! Welcome aboard!