Saturday, August 06, 2005


He got to fly today!!!!!! This is the first time he has been up in the T-44 since the new class began at the end of June. Obviously it wasn't as maneuverable as the T-6 but it was still FABULOUS!!!!! Awesome, I believe the exact word was!

For those of you not familiar with my blog, I'm talking about our son who is training to be an Air Force pilot. When he receives his Wings in December he will fly the C-130. It's been a couple of months since he had been up flying and they were all having withdrawals, I believe! :)


G~ said...

YEAH JAMES!! ! I don't know you, but I love your mama! :)

I'm tickled for him, Claire. I imagine getting 'back up there' was a very welcome event for him!!!

Hugs to you!

sparrow said...

How exciting! I was wondering what was going on with James. Glad to hear he's "up" again!

Corry said...

Returning the favor:-) I read some of your posts and I am sorry to hear about your youngest. May God give you the strength you need.

My oldest daughter wanted to be an F-16 pilot. Unfortunately she didn't qualify because her eye-sight was not good enough. She then tried for helicopter pilot and got half way through the tests but didn't make it either. She was very disappointed but decided to go with her other option: linguistic economics. She loves it!
God closes one door and opens another:-)

God's Grace.

Pilot Mom said...

Corry,I'm so GLAD you dropped in for a visit. Please come by often! :)

I am just a little confused on what you meant about being "sorry for my youngest?" I'm not sure what you are sorry about because he is doing exactly what he desires and recognizes it as a gift from the Lord.

And I have to laugh because he is our only child and we (my husband and I) often laughingly refer to him as our first, last and middle child rolled up in one! :)

Again, drop by anytime!

Corry said...

haha I apologize, I don't know were my mind was when I read the post "God's Fact". I thought it was about you. I feel so embarrased! Forgive my stupidity:-)
And I am thankful too it was not about you!

God's Grace.

Pilot Mom said...

*Laughing*, Corry, I'm so glad we cleared that up! :) Don't be embarrassed...I've written someone elses name on a blog before when I was much more bird brain can that be? I'm just glad we can laugh about it! Joy...

Poor-Con said...

Glad to hear things are going well for your son. December will be here before we know it!