Friday, August 19, 2005

Tagged, Again!

I've been tagged by Gayla over at Journey of the Heart. I'll give it my best shot....

10 years ago I was... getting our son ready to enter 7th grade, still living in our starter home which we bought when he was almost 2. I was a stay-at-home mom praying faithfully for the money each month to keep our son in Christian school. And, 1995 was a great year health-wise for me! Wow...7th grade...he wasn't even driving and now look at him...he's flying multi-million dollar planes!!!! Oh!

5 years ago I was... in the process of buying our new home and getting ready for my parents to move in with us from Colorado. Our son was entering his senior year of high school. Exciting but stressful too!

1 year ago I was...just celebrating our 29th year of marriage, enjoying every minute of our time with our son who had graduated college and commissioned in the Air Force...and I was stoking myself up for that first airplane ride once he got his private pilot's license!

Yesterday I...did more of my deep cleaning (yuck!), took time to read some in my book If I Should Perish by Esther Ahn Kim, went to the farmer's market for corn and cantaloupe, had a wonderful quiet time with the Lord.

5 snacks I enjoy are...popcorn, chicken faijita nachos, anything chocolate, fruit, cookies

5 songs I know all the words to... Awesome God by Rich Mullins, Amazing Grace, And Can It Be, Trust and Obey, mind is blank...I'm terrible when it comes to songs. I love to sing but I only make a joyful noise so I never really learn them totally, just snatches of them, unless they are Scripture songs!

5 thingsI would do with 100 million dollars...well, we own our own home and cars so I guess we would put some into savings/invest, we would look for ways to use it for the Lord (there are so many more people we would like to support on the mission field), I would make sure we would set some aside that would grow larger enabling us to travel wherever our son will be stationed, we would travel to see family and new babies and new homes etc.

5 places I would run away to....well, right now, Corpus Christi, TX, Europe again, this time with my husband, Hawaii or maybe a cruise, the South (I love the South...all the trees and beautiful flowers).

5 things I would never wear... a bikini, a tube top, low rider pants where one's middle shows (shivers...) well, maybe that should just be gaudy clothes period.

5 favorite tv shows... Last year my husband and I got caught up in the show Lost. We would make sure we watched that on Wednesday nights. But other than that, I don't watch tv...well, I do watch the news at 10 pm. I would much rather read than watch tv.

5 bad habits...reading to the detriment of what I should be doing, too much blogging, not exercising enough, snacking too much (I love snacks!), staying up too late (reading again!).

5 biggest relationship with the Lord, family (my husband and son, and extended family), friendships that God has blessed me with, reading, spending time with my hubby!

5 favorite toys.... my computer, my digitial camera, books (see how bad I am?)

5 people I tag to do this (if they'd like to)... well, I won't tag 5 because I've seen this on several of the blogs which I read regularly but, I will name a lovely gal, whom I am a new reader to her blog and I would like to know more about her. That's Gina at Refreshment in Refuge . If any of you others would like to participate, feel free to do so and just let me know so I can pop in and read up on you! :)


G~ said...

Very cool, Claire! :)

Have a blessed weekend!

Gina Burgess said...

I so much enjoyed reading about you, Claire. It is fun getting to know sisters in Christ. I followed through with the tag and it was relatively painless ;)

Debra said...

Hi Claire... Thanks so much for your sweet comments at my blog! I always enjoy hearing from new friends. And congratulations on your wedding anniversary... You both look so young! I love to hear about other successful marriages--thanks for sharing your story. I hope I'll see you often over at my blog--I've really enjoyed visiting you here. :) God bless... Debra

Anonymous said...

We have a lot in common. :)

Pilot Mom said...

We do, don't we, Gayla? :)

Debra, thank you for dropping in. Please come often!

Gina, I can say "likewise" to you. I enjoyed learning more about you. Thanks for participating! :)

Geannie, as always, thank you! You are a dear! :)

Teresa said...

I too should be cleaning instead of bloggin or reading. So then I stay up too late blogging or reading and don't get enough sleep. I try to do two things at once, watching HDTV and maybe the news as I'm blogging--can't do it while I'm reading. Lost is a good one--there are so few shows worth watching anymore, but sometimes I need to watch just anything to download. When I read or blog or clean or anything else, I think too much and then it continues when I get into bed and I can't sleep. Anyway, thanks for listening to my ramblings.

Pilot Mom said...

You are most welcome, Teresa! :) That's what friends are for! I keep a few books on hand for reading that are not heavy...maybe a good mystery etc for my brainless download time. It helps.

Bob & Claire said...

I remember our librarian reading aloud "If I Should Perish" sometime during jr. high. I remember thinking what a great book it was, and I should go back and reread it. I know I would get even more out of it now!

Bob & Claire said...

Hey Aunt Claire, I did it too. I've seen in around too, but I hadn't done it. It's fun to think back!

Saija said...

i forgot about the show LOST ... i got hooked on it too!!! :)