Monday, August 29, 2005

M & M's...

Well, wouldn't you know it. When I don't have the time that's exactly when the mormon missionaries come by. Yep. Today. This afternoon. I was able to visit just a very short time and did tell them that these two weeks right now are just not a good time but after that we would love to visit with them. They were very nice young men. One of them was from Brazil and I shared about my very good friend Julie and her husband Charles who are missionaries in Brazil. In fact, they are living with the Wai Wai people DEEP in the Amazon jungle! They have been there 20 years but we were able to visit with them this weekend before they head back!

Well, I began this on entry on Monday and here it is Friday. Does that give you a hint on how busy my week has been?

Back to the missionaries....As we chatted out front they asked if we were familiar with the Mormon missionary program. At our other house, about 2 miles from where we live now, we decided that we had been put on a "do not visit" list. Since we have been living here, we have had a few nibbles, like right after my dad died and we asked them to return another time, but they didn't. But, on the whole, not much "action." We thought maybe our "fame" had followed us. Returning back to their question I assured them we were familiar with their missionary program. They asked if we had ever visited with the missionaries to which I replied, "Oh, yes." The Brazilian young man asked me if I remembered anything 'outstanding' from our last meeting. And I replied, "Oh my, yes! They told us they didn't have time for our questions." Now, imagine their look of shock...and a quick "let's try to save this situation." The young Brazilian assured me they would take all the time needed to be assured that our questions are answered to our satisfaction. It was at this point that I said this wasn't a good time right now, that two weeks would be much better. They left me their card with their names and phone number and realizing that I was working on 'major' projects around the home volunteered their time to come and help, free of charge. If it was too big of a project, they would round up some other volunteers who would love to come do a service project. I politely thanked them and took their card. We will see if they come back and contact us again. If there is any thread to where we lived before which has followed us here then they may not follow up with us. That will make me sad. I always look forward to being able to share God's Word and Truth. We'll see what the good Lord has in store for the future!

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