Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I'm mad! I get mad about this time each year and it seems to be growing each year. Why? Because retailers are choosing to not say "Merry Christmas." There biggest quarter for earnings which is based on Christ's birthday and they don't want to acknowledge it. Give me a break. I really can't see what is so offensive about Christmas to atheists or even other religions. After all, you get a paid holiday. You can have a party with your friends. Who says you need to honor Christ? If you are not a Christian then just enjoy the festivities without any religious hype to it. Gosh, you do that every Sunday. Why should Christmas be any different? For Target, Wal-Mart and the others who choose to be "politically correct" (*that said DRIPPING with sarcasm*) I will not be purchasing items from your store this Christmas season. On Bill O'Reilly's show this evening he stated that one large retailer (which I do not remember the name) chose to do the same thing last year and they LOST money. This year? They are back in full force saying, "Merry Christmas!" You can be assured we will be saying, "Merry Christmas!"


Suz said...

Hugs Claire, I have to defintely agree with you. Christmas has become so "commercial" that its rediculous. It made me sick to see Christmas stuff out on the shelves and Halloween wasnt even over yet.

What happen to the true meaning of "Christ"mas????

Hugs Suz

jettybetty said...

Merry Christmas to you!!!
Gotta agree--how sad they base what they say on sales--anyway, I am glad Christmas is back in style!

Lorna said...

Blessed Christmas to you.
But it's only November, not even advent ... that's another bug bear. I hate it.

be blessed every day with the knowledge of the Risen Christ!

Joe said...

Merry Christmas indeed!

I long for the day when retailers will realize how much better off they would be if they would revert to the real reason for the season.

Pastor Jim said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. As far as christmas is concerned, I appreciate the fact that it gets some people to church for the only time of the year, but it is still just a man-made holiday. I wouldn't get too offended if they quit calling it "christmas."

Gayla said...

I've been watching O'Reilly on this subject.

I'm very seriously considering not shopping at those places. (Difficult, to be sure, since there are so many who aren't saying it)

I don't usually 'boycott' places, but this one really gets my goat.

And I plan to speak to managers, find out their policy and then have the pleasure of telling them I won't be patronizing their stores.

Jackie said...

Oh Gaylla, you are way tougher then me! I would say that I would do a thing like that, but be way to chicken to actually DO it! Good for you!

PilotMom, I couldn't agree more, my personal issue lays with XMas, a lot of Christmas tree stands use this one, and I personally will not by a tree from anywhere that advertises in that way.

Gayla said...

Jackie, LOL! When something gets my blood boiling, 'chicken' I'm not!

I really think these stores need to hear from the consumers.

O'Reilly talked about one store (can't remember which one) that pulled the Merry Christmas last year, only to reinstate it this year! It hit 'em in their pocketbook rather hard when their customers didn't buy from them.

Pilot Mom said...

Welcome PJ! Hope you find time to drop in often! :)

Jackie, I detest the "Xmas" thing too!

Merry Christmas Betty and Joe and Lorna! I probably wouldn't have posted about this so early if I hadn't listened to Bill O'Reilly last night on t.v.

Gayla, you already know I won't be shopping there. And, I'm right there with you, girlfriend, on telling the managers why! I used to be very shy about doing that but once I turned 50...I thought, "I don't care! This bothers me and I need to let someone know about it!" Don't get me started on stores/malls which fly a huge flag that is ripped or torn! That makes my blood boil. If you can't afford to replace that flag when it is damaged then don't fly one!!!! That's a whole other post...*sigh* Ahem...sorry for the outburst.

me said...

i'm not for the pc way to do things...i will be saying Merry CHRISTmas most definitely.

thanks for stopping by my blog! i do have type 2 diabetes as well, i found out about 1997. i have one son right now, but am hoping to have another child soon. :)


Merry Christmas.
There is a clear hostilty against Christianity in Europe as well as in the US.
They reject anything that reminds them of the Light coming into this world.
They promote anything that helps them to forget about the Light, like "Happy Ramadan" or "Happy Hannakah" or whatever...
The Truth is so painful. But be assured that they persecute you not because you are weak, but because God's Spirit is upon you.

Pilot Mom said...

AA, you are so right. We are a sweet aroma to some and to others we are the stench of death (2 Cor 2:15). Thanks so much for dropping in. Please come by often...and don't forget to sign my Frapper Map, if you haven't already done so! :)