Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Seven Things...."Condensed"

Too busy of a day for me to think of seven so I'll do a "condensed" version. Jennifer over at So'bah My Soul tagged me for this meme.

Four things I want to do before I die:

  1. Well, first and foremost, I want to make it to Corpus Christi in Dec to pin those pilot wings on our son!
  2. I want to see and hold the newest addition to our family, due in late March. My niece is pregnant with her fifth child...a GIRL after having four boys!
  3. I want to be able to travel wherever James is stationed! :)
  4. Daily, I want my relationship with the Lord to grow deeper and deeper. Instead of Him SHOUTING to get my attention I would love it if He would just need to whisper my name...better yet, just give me 'a look'!

Four things I cannot do:

  1. I cannot sing...I make a joyful noise!
  2. I cannot speak and understand Russian.
  3. I cannot be 20 again!
  4. I cannot beat my son in arm wrestling anymore (There, James, I've ADMITTED it!) [It was a very long time ago in which I DID beat him]

Four things that attract me to my hubby:

  1. How he makes me feel cherished.
  2. His walk with the Lord.
  3. His sense of humor.
  4. His faithfulness.
  5. His kindness and love he continually shows to my Mom.
  6. His good looks!
  7. His willingness to pitch in and help me
  8. Okay...okay...I can get carried away talking about him....

Four things I say most often:

  1. I love you.
  2. Jim!
  3. Hey, babe!
  4. Praise the Lord!

Four books or authors I love:

Well, I guess it goes without saying that my Bible is my most favorite so I'll list others...and I could go on and on about books and authors but will limit myself....

  1. RC Sproul
  2. Randy Alcorn
  3. Beth Moore
  4. AW Tozer

Four movies I watch over and over again:

This is a stretch for me because I don't watch too many but here goes...

  1. October Sky
  2. Apollo 13
  3. You've Got Mail
  4. Sleepless in Seattle

Four people I want to jump in...I'm not a big one on listing people so if you desire to jump in then give me a holler.... Thanks Jennifer for tagging me! :)


Badoozie said...

i don't understand what you mean by jump in, or get tagged, i am stupid about this i know. so how do you jump in?

Pilot Mom said...

Not a problem, Susie! You just copy and paste into your blog entry and answer them according to your preferences. Then we get to come read your answers on your blog and get to know you a little bit better! Sorry I wasn't more clear on it. :)

me said...

great answers! :)

Joe said...

My favorite author was Richard Armour.

Bet you never heard of him.

Pilot Mom said...

You are right, Joe. I've not heard of him. What does he write? I love murder/mystery books is he perchance that kind of writer?

Thanks, April! :)

Saija said...

i love that you got carried away, talking about your husband - :o)

i haven't read any of Beth Moore's books yet - i do have one on my shelf, all set to go ... but haven't had a chance yet ...

and i hope to see pics from the ceremony in Corpus Christi in Decemeber ...

blessings to you!

Pilot Mom said...

Saija, you may see more than you want!! Lol! :)