Friday, November 18, 2005

I DID IT!!!!

Still trying to get the hang of it: I figured out how to post these silly things. I've never done it correctly until now! Yipee! Yea! You know, it truly is the simple things in life that excite me! :P

You are Franklin!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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Joe said...

I turned out to be woodstock.

I'm happy about that, but a bit surprised!

me said...

hmm...i'm rerun, but don't remember him. turns out that i'm a "skeptic at heart that enjoys reading and learning above all else."

Suz said...

Yay, you did it, I have seen this on another blog, may just post it on mine over the weekend.

Iam Marcie:

There is so much more to you then what meets the eye! You're intelligent, sarcasitic, and practical. You are a loyal friend through thick and thin.

Patty said...

I tried it and the first time it said I was Franklin, so I went back and looked at it again and there were a couple of answers I changed, then I became Charlie Brown, so not sure who I am. Ha!Ha!. Two of our daughters ages 47 and 32 are always doing these

Have a great week-end.

AFGUY said...

i was marcie...what the

Melissa said...

The littlest things are always the best things aren't they. I'm back, yes I am...I've missed you so much. Hope all things are going well for you!

~Jennifer said...

Claire, Franklin is cool! I think it is actually quite on the mark. You're there for others, and not afraid to go your own way. I'm Shroeder. :-) Also on the mark.

G~ said...

Good on you, Claire! :) It's funny how excited one can get over FINALLY figuring out some bit of code, huh? LOL!

BTDT, thank you.

Good news on the coroporate poops getting a clue that we WANT Christ in CHRISTmas!! *sigh*

Have a wonderful weekend!


Pilot Mom said...

Joe, I like Woodstock! :) He's one of my favorites of the Peanut gang!

April, does Rerun pretty well describe you? Do you enjoy reading and learning above all else? I remember the name, Rerun, but I don't remember what his character looks like.

Suz, from the little I have come to glean about you, I think Marcie hits the nail on the head. :)

Patty, I read on another blog where they had changed their answers too and were much happier with the second choice. Maybe it's a little like Burger can have it YOUR way. :)

Af Guy! You crack me up! :) However, I think it's an accurate description. You seem to be a thoughtful and caring guy. At least you weren't Lucy! :)

Melissa, I am so GLAD to hear from you! I've missed your posts. :)

Thanks, Jennifer! Yes, I can Shroeder in you! :) Do you also play the piano? I haven't learned that tidbit of info about you yet!

Thanks, Geannie! But, G~, you HAVE to speak English with me! My brain is experiencing a major brain cloud *sigh* today, so you need to explain what BTDT means! :)

~Jennifer said...

Claire, I sing, play the guitar, saxophone, and I dabble on the piano, but never really learned how to play. Oh, how I always wanted lessons, though!

me said...

yup, i think rerun actually describes me pretty well...scary! :)