Saturday, December 03, 2005


Along with whatever "gambooey" I just got over, my asthma was triggered. I have valiantly tried to 'make do' and weather out the storm but I finally caved in because of the horrid cough. Thursday, I called my allergist and explained about our trip to TX in just 12 days time and explained I had to be over the cough! He started me on prednisone.

I have "issues" with prednisone. The main issue is that I'm diabetic and it affects my 'numbers' very significantly. In the past when I took it my numbers spiked very high and I experienced vision loss, some of which remained permenant. Since then, whenever I go on it my internist will begin me on an additional medication that will offset the negative aspects of the prednisone as far as my diabetes is concerned.

Prednisone has some side effects one being depression and another one being insomnia, along with getting 'reved up.' The short time I'm on prednisone (7-14 days---this time just 8 days) I get so much accomplished in my home. It affects me with the insomnia and I become quite hyper, talking all the time and finding closets and drawers and cubbards to clean out and organize, silver to polish...all those things you leave for spring cleaning...because I cannot sit still and do nothing. Thankfully, I do not experience the depression that could arise in some people.

I haven't had much time to really sit down and post. I've had a lot of time to think about posting but I keep hopping around from one idea to another! In fact, too many ideas flooding my mind at one time! :)

However, I can't complain about the results. I get my asthma back under control, I lose the cough, and I get an organized and clean house once again! Now, back to James' closet! :)


Suz said...

Hugs, Sorry your asthma is acting up. I hope the Prednisone does the job.

Prednisone & I have a long history together. Its the first thing they put Lupus people on when out of remission. The worst side affect I have always gotten from it was a lot of weight gain all at once. I cant stand the stuff!

Anyways again, I hope the meds work and when you are done cleaning your house, wanna do mine :-)

Hugs Suz

HeyJules said...

I with Suz here. I had to take prednisone once and gained about 10 pounds in two days. Talk about depressing! (Hey, maybe that's why they say it causes depression???) lol

I can't believe you still have this cough. How am I supposed to be a prayer warrior for you if you don't tell me these things? Okay, you're forgiven but only cause I love ya so much.

Oh and when you're done cleaning YOUR house...

Pilot Mom said...

Okay, Suz and Jules, here's the deal...after I get through cleaning my home, then go to TX, come back and celebrate Christmas and New Years, THEN I'll help Suz with her cleaning and then stop by your place Jules on my way back to UT. How does that sound, Ladies? Lol! :)

Sorry, Jules, I kept thinking it was going to get better but then it began getting worse again...I'll do better on keeping you informed of prayer requests! Promise! :)

Badoozie said...

your lucky you don't experience the grouchiness and weight gain. and you get a chance to run around like a mad woman and get a handle on things. i guess blessings come in weird doses?

hope you feel better in time for your trip <:-}

Pilot Mom said...

P.S. You are both so right, weight gain is very common. My mom was on it for several wouldn't know it is the same person, weight wise.

Suz said...

LOL, Ok Claire I'll have a room ready for you :-)

Connor is sitting here playing with your pet dog. I tried to adopt a pet and put it on my blog but it was to wide and messed up my sidebar :/

Hugs Suz

Joe said...

Ugh. My mother, my daughter and my favorite cousin all struggle with asthma. No fun at all.

We will pray that this episode will end quickly.

Patty said...

I was on that for about 18 months. I got very aggressive and blunt, would come right out and tell people if something bothered me or upset me, in no uncertain words and tone. In fact my boss at that time said, on Mondays when you sign in, also write down what strength you're on this week, so we'll know how far we can push you.

Also I gained about 20-25 pounds, but the doctor kept saying we'll worry about the weight after we get your lung problem cleared up.

I was already over weight when I started on the stuff. Finally the last three months they started cutting it back, every few weeks I was able to take a lower dosage. But my arthritis and allergies both seemed so much better.

After I was off of it for a while both of the above were right back bothering me again.

Good luck with it, hope the cough clears up before your trip. And yes, that 20-25 pounds did come off, I think most of it was water retention.

Corry said...

I can imagine it's no fun and I am grateful you don't have much negative consequences from it. I keep you in my prayers.

On a lighter note, you don't have to clean in spring anymore, hehe.

God's Grace.

AFGUY said...

sorry about the preisdone and its affects on you. I want you to have a happy time at the graduation. Maybe i will send your son a card or something, because we will work together soon im sure. Combat controllers and pararescuemen are a pilots best friend. Well get better and im sorry that i havent been blogging, but we have been busting out buts here in TX.

Pilot Mom said...

Patty, it affects me some like that...I think it's because I am so hyper that I get 'short' with people and I'm already bouncing on to something else and can't imagine why they can't keep up! ;)

But, for short does like this where it is an immediate! I really needed it so it has been worthwhile.

Joe, thanks for the needed prayers! I'm always grateful for any offered up! :)

Corry, thanks for praying too! Well, I may not be able to go ALL spring w/o cleaning but hopefully, it won't have to be a MASSIVE event! Lol!

Hawk, thanks for the kind thoughts! I'll have you know, that there isn't ANYTHING that will keep me from enjoying my time next week!! LOl! ;)

I understand about being I'll just keep checking in and one of these days I'll be pleasantly surprised when I see a new entry. So, are you PR or CC? James was drawn to para rescue but then pilot won out! :)