Thursday, December 08, 2005


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I cannot believe the culmination of several years of hard work has now come to an end. If you are new here you might be interested in reading here the "early" years of James deciding on the military and how it came to be.

Now, all that hard work has paid off and he will be flying the straight C-130 stationed at Pope AFB, North Carolina. Training will take place in Little Rock, Arkansas. Everyone in their two squadrons got the straight C-130. There weren't any spec op planes to be had. The men were told if they had a desire for spec ops to let it be known once they arrive at their base where they will be stationed. Then as the opportunity presents itself they can move into spec ops. He seems very contented with the decision and for that we are grateful. I think it very interesting that there weren't any spec op planes available. We are resting that the Lord has placed James right where He desires him to be at this particular time. One of his roommates will go to Pope AFB along with James and the other roommate will stay at Little Rock.

Now, the next big event is to actually get those wings pinned on! Next week! Yea!!


Gayla said...

I clicked on the first post, and guess what? I was the first to comment! That was back in April!!!! I started blogging in Feb, so that wasn't too long after. And now we're meeting next week! (Although, pray for favor b/c I haven't asked my boss about leaving early!)

I'm so glad James is done. I know you're mega excited about the ceremony. What a proud moment!

Pilot Mom said...

You are a blessing to me, Gayla! :) And, you can bet I'm praying it will work for us to meet on Wednesday!

Suz said...

What a nice looking "plane". You must be so full of excitment and proud Claire & James must be even more excited. Iam so excited for you.

You have to post pictures of him getting pinned when you get back.

Hugs Suz

Pilot Mom said...

Suz, you can be bet I'll have pics to post when we get back! :)

me said...

how exciting! hope y'all have a wonderful time...:)

Bob & Claire said...

I'm so glad he's going to be at Pope! I hope we'll get to see more of him, once he's on our side of the country! : )

AFGUY said...

whoooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo C130 oh yeah baby! There is nothing like being with a team of 6 guys in the middle of night hearing the pilot tell to you to be safe and go get em and then you jump. The Plane cuts hard as if shes waving to you and you descend to the ground! I will prolly run into him! I love c130 spec ops pilots. WHOO HOO CONGRATS!!

Poor-Con said...

All Right!!!!! How exciting is that. What an accomplishment. You must be so proud. I hope you have a great visit and safe travel.

God Bless!

Badoozie said...

very cool indeed!!

you know what, i really enjoy your blog, and I want to say thank you to all of the Christian bloggers out there, in my meanderings around, i have come to realize that secular people are some of the most opinionated, rude, intolerant people I have ever come across. And the whole while they are talking about the Christian right, and how bigoted they are and how they don't like us pushing our beliefs off on them. It makes me ill. that's my soapbox for the day, but i just really find peace in all the blogs I have discovered.


Joe said...

The C-130 is, and has been, one of the finest aircraft ever built. It is one of my favorites.

I also love the C-47 and the old XC-99.

Congratulations! To James for his accomplishment and to you for your perserverence and support.

G~ said...

:) Congrats (again!) to james! Glad you're feeling better & will be able to go see him!


Jackie said...

congrats! What a great Christmas present that day will be for you all!